Misprint or Business As Usual – Old Cheese at Gristedes

Don’t get us wrong, the *new* post-fire Gristedes is a magical place to shop. Sure they may be a little pricey but its air conditioning makes our weekly marketing a breeze!

Yesterday, a BHB tipster sent us a photo of what looks to be a hunk of Pepper Jack Cheese with a sell by date in March 2011. That, friends, is in the past. It’s sitting next to a regular piece of cheese marked as packed this week.

So whaddya think – misprint or business as usual?

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  • weegee

    I can’t explain the early-70s vintage Herbal Essences bottle (of this type: http://katnip.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/clairolherbal.jpg) sitting on the shelf in there a few years ago. When did Sloan’s even open? And for it to have remained in the catacombs for 30 years and survive a change in ownership?

  • nabeguy

    By now, I’d say that’s Very Hot Pepper Jack.

  • Monty

    Not to mention the misspelled Clark St.

  • AEB

    I don a parka for shopping in Gristedes–but then, you know, I’m one of those thin-blooded types for whom meat-locker-icy interiors, so typical of many stores and subway cars, are anathema. And undesirable. And unwanted.

  • GHB

    Maybe they were just waiting for the Pepper Jack to turn into Blue Cheese? Or maybe they’re growing penicillin…

  • MM

    Perhaps in a short time Gristede’s will be no longer http://gothamist.com/2011/09/14/billionaire_gristedes_owner_cut_us.php

  • AEB

    Why, perhaps Mr. Catsimatidis can raise the required jack (sorry!) by upping store prices. $3,000,000 for a bag of carrots seems entirely in keep with the BH store’s pricing MO.

  • AmyinBH

    Isn’t cheese spoiled food to begin with? I truly hope someone with impaired vision doesn’t get sick off the past the expiration date food at Gristede’s and Key Food.

  • Tclinton11201

    wasn’t there a story like that with the Atlantic Ave Key Foods re-labelling meat etc…?

  • nabeguy

    @Monty, good catch. The extra “e: is for “ewwwww”

  • hw

    I fantasize about this place closing all the time. Seriously, why does anyone shop here? It’s expensive, has terrible produce, and smells of spoiled meat.

  • JAFO

    i wish DAG would move into that spot. I loved the one over on College Place.

  • AEB

    AmyinBH, the spoil is controlled; past ripeness, cheese can indeed become rotten (depending on moisture content).

  • Monty

    @MM, he is overcharging for products and underpaying his staff? I guess that’s how you become a billionaire.

  • WillowtownCop

    Gross-tedes. I went in there once years ago. Fairway is the best in Brooklyn and they deliver.

  • god

    Second gross-tedes. I’ll never forget the swarm of roaches that dispersed when I picked up a 4 pack of Stewarts soda. Blech.

  • AEB

    …and let’s not forget “Gougestedes”….

  • Heightsguy

    Grated parm @ 9 bucks at Gagstes, 4.5 at Key.this week. Actually, although they are gougers extraordinaire, the staff are marginally nicer than pre-fire when they wouldn’t make eye contact or speak at checkout.

    And the lady pharmacist is very nice, the russian guy back there is sort of Asbergery or something, although professional.

    This has been a perennial topic on this blog, that never seems to go stale. How about “scary hooded man fights with stroller mom in Gristedes as cars are towed for film shoot.” as all purpose post.

  • GHB

    Heightsguy, I like it BUT you left out over-priced pancakes!

  • EHinBH

    I wish we could get together as a hood and demand they leave. It is the worst. Ran in there for some coffee the other day and a small bag of dunkin was $16.99! I actually laughed out loud. I think if the dorm closed they would go out of business. If Trader Joes was there it would be awsome. Why does that building keep renewing their lease??? Dont they know they could probably get more money from a better tenent and everyone would benefit?

  • FDG

    $10 for a stinking toothbrush. $8 for a box of tea, and $5 for a bottle of hand soap. Everyday commodities just turned into high-end goods. The best part is when there’s a checkout line 15 people deep and the managers just mope about and look at you creepy.

  • Geoff

    This is hardly surprising, about half of everything in Gristedes is either expired or will expire two days after you take it home. Saw they had buy one get one free on Raisin Bran cereal, the entire lot was expired. Yay, let’s make money on merchandise we should be discarding.

  • FrannieJ

    I know I didn’t just read that article correctly. Gristedes is a magical place to shop??? Excuse me?? Sorry Homer honey, I don’t know what sort of mushrooms or green stuff you be on or maybe its them moldy cheese thats getting you worked up, but can’t no one tell a sister there’s something “magical” about shopping at that place. Plain and simple.

  • 5w30

    It’s like the old scene from “The Odd Couple”

    Oscar: Who wants food?
    Murray: What have you got?
    Oscar: [looks under bread] I got brown sandwiches and green sandwiches. Well, what do you say?
    Murray: What’s the green?
    Oscar: It’s either very new cheese or very old meat.
    Murray: I’ll take the brown.