Vito Lopez Scores a Win in Civil Court Race

From the New York Law Journal:

Two court-system lawyers handily beat two Housing Court judges in yesterday’s primary election to win Democratic nominations for New York City Civil Court. In a contest for a countywide seat in Brooklyn, Sharon D. Hudson, a court attorney at the Red Hook Community Justice Center, defeated Housing Court Judge Cheryl J. Gonzales, taking 62 percent of the nearly 35,000 votes cast.

This was the only race on the ballot in Brooklyn Heights election districts. Hudson was the hand-picked candidate of Democratic Party Leader Vito Lopez, who has long been at odds with political reform groups in Brooklyn. Independent Neighborhood Democrats (the local Democratic Club), the borough-wide New Kings Democrats and the New York Times had endorsed Gonzales.

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  • dog lover

    On my ballot Hudson was listed first and Gonzales was listed second. What determines who is listed first?

  • Ernie

    Ballot positions in NYC Primaries are rotated. In half of Brooklyn’s elections districts Hudson was listed first and in the other half Gonzales was listed first.