Moldy Cheese at Grosstedes


Sure moldy cheese and items passed their sell-by dates are  fancy First World problems in Brooklyn Heights, but hunks of green goo being sold as “food” is still a shocker.  We snapped this photo of some “grozzeralla” at the Henry Street Gristedes last week.  Well at least it wasn’t an overpriced stick of deodorant.

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  • my2cents

    Maybe the should change their name to Stinky Brooklyn and charge 12 dollars a pound for it! It is small batch local blue cheese!

  • David on Middagh

    My2cents, you’re more on target than you know. A couple of decades ago, and in another state, I was hosting some friends for movie night. The unopened sour cream in the refrigerator had “turned” a bit: though still white and looking completely normal, by smell and taste it had clearly gone on to another stage of development. I added some Lipton’s onion soup mix, called it blue cheese onion dip, and graciously accepted the compliments as they rolled in.

  • AEB

    Having managed a cheese store in another life, I can tell you that mold in firm natural cheeses, such as those in the cheddar family, is a not unexpected phenomenon. One nicks it out and the rest of the wheel is fine.

    For mold to appear in DOA proceessed cheeses, such as the one depicted, is quite a different matter….

  • Billy Reno

    Gross. I hope the Eagle or the Post picks this up! This would never happen in a SoJo grocery store!

  • George Earl

    Even when shopping on “Senior Tuesday” at Gristedes I’m careful. A couple of times I’ve seen stinky out-of-date raw chicken still in the fridge. And recently one of their brands of orange juice was raunchy. And the time between when frozen ice cream arrives and when it finally gets into the freezer varies. Like all too many consumers, I’ve figured that returning such evidence to the store takes more time than it’s worth, but maybe today’s informed consumer should take these back. Besides, isn’t the exercise good?

  • aliG

    that should knock out a mild case of gonorrhea, right?

  • my2cents

    on a tangential note, stay away from the “fresh” tofu at Peas and Pickles. we bought some and it smelled our whole house up. And it wasn’t supposed to be fermented tofu!

  • T. Pineapple

    Wouldn’t it be great if there were a better grocery store in that exact location…

  • T. Pineapple

    i.e. The Heights is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC, our retail selection should reflect that…sadly it currently doesn’t.

  • GHB

    Maybe it’s just mislabeled gorgonzola

  • John

    I’m not surprise at all. since they make up outrageously high prices some of there merchandise is bound to expire.

  • Mickey

    Moldy cheese, overpriced deodorant, employees picking from the olive bar with their hands … it’s an outrage. I say we burn the place down. Oh wait … someone did that two years ago … and they came back nastier & pricier than before!

  • dumbo res

    peas and pickles is disgusting, both locations. dumbo peas and pickles smells like a port o potty when you walk in. woof

  • Arch Stanton

    When you compare, Key Food is not all that bad…

  • juniormint

    i hate to say it but i saw this exact cheese about a week and a half ago… you’d think someone would notice it?

  • ny2bk

    So no problems incriminating a supermarket (WITH A PICTURE) for what is probably a case of incompetence on the part of the person responsible for that section of the store, but you can’t post pictures of people breaking the law by not cleaning up after their dogs?…

    maybe we should find another guy in a “funny” outfit, take his picture, and make fun of him again:

    but whatever you do, don’t post a picture of someone “crapping” on our neighborhood and the law…strange standards.

  • peppermint

    This store is an outrage. I used to shop there all the time for the convenience but now that I am trying to save money and eat healthier, I have completely boycotted the store and shop only at Trader Joe’s, Garden of Eden and Key Food. Gristedes is such a rip off. Yogurt there is 25 cents more than at the convenience store a 1/2 block a way. It’s shameful! Anyone want to hold a Gristedes protest??? I am game! It would be hilarious.:)

  • David on Middagh

    Regular customers probably appreciate Gristedes’ relatively empty aisles. I do shop at Key Food/Montague, but at peak times you have to avoid the clogged cross lane leading to the registers.