Spring is Here – Time for Nude Sunbathing in Brooklyn Bridge Park


Was this guy really sunbathing nude on the newly opened lawn at Brooklyn Bridge Park?  A shocked BHB tipster sent us this photo and the answer to that question… after the jump.notsomuchnaked

Answer – not so much.  Talk about a banana hammock!

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  • anon in Dumbo

    This is the famous banana hammock guy in Dumbo. He’s been on Vice a few times:

  • nabeguy

    I hope it’s the same guy…I’d hate to think there are two of them lolling around.

  • anon

    Don’t worry, once those armed private police force start duties for the condos, you won’t be seeing him ’round no mo’.

  • tiitoo

    he’s in a speedo if memory serves. gotta love local color.

  • Victor

    Definitely seen that guy in Dumbo. Ugh. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

  • nabeguy

    anon, I think we’ve seen quite enough of him already.

  • my2cents

    I don’t see what the big deal is. In Germany, men sunbathe nude in the parks all the time, sans posing pouch.

  • dailywalker AZ

    I was doing my daily 30 minutes walk and ended up with 3 more rounds to see if he will be arrested since there were children around. He may get skin cancer on the wrong spots????

  • jorale-man

    Ugh, not on the new grass! At least it appears he’s a not right at the edge where the kids are walking by.

  • milton

    I am glad to see the newly planted trees are leafing out a bit. That environment is tough on most trees due to the salinity.

  • BKHeightsGirl

    I spotted him last year on the lawn just north of Brooklyn Bridge. There was a children’s birthday party just a 100 yds away from him. The parents were oblivious. Banana hammock guy is grody.

  • nabeguy

    jorale-man, you made me laugh. After the recent discussions regarding the dog restrictions in BPP, they may have to re-write the rules…NO UNLEASHED GENITALIA!

  • WillowtownCop

    OMG! Something unpretty may fall under the gaze of someone’s precious child! Horrors! We must call the police and whine when they laugh at us and don’t do anything!

  • the Where

    wtc you couldn’t even bust him for carrying a concealed weapon… because it’s not concealed!

  • nabeguy

    Willow, it’s not about the children. I did my time at the nude beach at Riis Park, but that was a designated area for that kind of activity. IMHO, this guy is skirting the edge of public indecency, if only for his steadfast refusal to hit the gym and at least offer people a view of a practically nude body that doesn’t make you want to throw your picnic blanket over your head. I’d prefer to enjoy my potato salad without having to look at someone who resembles it.

  • Monty

    I’ve seen him just about every summer I’ve lived here and he never, ever gets a tan.

  • HeightsDiva

    I would be able to comment on this but some homeless person just wiped himself on my face so I can’t see.

    (check lost doll post if you don’t get this)

  • nabeguy

    Monty, you’re right. For all the time he spends in the sun, he never looks darker than an unbaked loaf of bread.
    HeightsDiva, you’re only digging yourself deeper. I get the reference and your latest attempt at humor is no more clever than your original post. In lieu of a brain, at least try to grow a heart.

  • AEB

    Yes, it really IS about…comeliness, isn’t it?

    I mean, certain bodies make one too uncomfortably aware of…well, I think it was Nietzsche who wrote that (I paraphrase), “Man would be as a god if it were not for the abdomen….”

  • HeightsDiva

    I have a heart thanks, but that doesn’t mean I have to like children (or nude sunbathers)

    How about you try and grow a sense of humor. Oh let me guess you are over 40?

  • xochi

    sorry diva, it is you that is lacking the sense of humor. it is you that needed/s the nurturing to grow. no wonder you “don’t like children”, i suppose puppy dogs and rainbows are out also.

    live in suburbia, live anywhere else but an urban environment, it will do you good.

  • my2cents

    I have seen far worse in the public parks of Munich, where enormous belly-bellied men sunbathe and frolic in the nude. And after the initial gross out I said, who really cares? It’s just a body, and he’s not hurting anyone by laying there and enjoying the sun.

  • my2cents

    sorry, that was supposed to be “beer-bellied”

  • Katie

    The last I checked bad taste wasn’t illegal. And I hope that never happens because what would we all talk about.

  • John Wentling

    If it’s good enough for Naked Cowboy and Times Square, it’s good enough for Banana Hammock Man and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  • HeightsDiva

    I spent my life in suburbia before I moved to NYC 8 years ago. It’s much worse. And I love puppy dogs and rainbows thanks :)

  • cat

    The trouble, HeightsDiva, is that you’re not funny. Your posts are invariably meanspirited, not to be confused with humorous.

  • nabeguy

    John, if you’ve ever seen Banana Hammock guy up close, you’d agree that he makes the Naked Cowboy look decent by comparison. And at least the Cowboy hits the Nautilus every once in a while. My2, all I can say is that I’m glad I live in Brooklyn and not Bavaria.

  • John Wentling

    Point taken, Naked Cowboy has it going on, Banana Hammock guy might benefit from a push-up or two. Ah, but it’s folks like that that give the Heights some character – was much worse at one time. Worse, or different?

  • GHB

    Naked Cowboy wears tighty-whities that fit. Banana Hammock Guy just hangs out. No one should have to be exposed to his exposure!