Spring is Here – Time for Nude Sunbathing in Brooklyn Bridge Park


Was this guy really sunbathing nude on the newly opened lawn at Brooklyn Bridge Park?  A shocked BHB tipster sent us this photo and the answer to that question… after the jump.notsomuchnaked

Answer – not so much.  Talk about a banana hammock!

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  • amyinbk

    So, if he doesn’t ever get tan then he must just be doing this for attention. He’s a naked park troll. Don’t feed the naked park trolls with attention. Look away, look away.

  • frenchbull

    long live banana hammock dude
    we can’t all look like “the situation” or naked cowboy
    the fact that he doesn’t get tan or sunburnt is curious

  • E

    i have seen this guy countless times in empire fulton ferry state park. i guess he had to find a new spot while that one is closed. not exactly what i like to look at while i enjoy the lawn but he seems harmless. it is amusing that he never does get tan!

  • tessdee

    banana man was in the new park in full bloom again today. the park rangers walked by several times and did nothing so like stated above, bad taste and pasty skin is not a crime…but he’s completely creepy and was snapping pics but trying to be quite discreet about it. something is night right with banana hammock man

  • tessdee

    correction… something is NOT right with banana man

  • zorg

    Tessdee, you say he was “trying to be quite discreet” about “snapping pics”? Is that not allowed there? Or because it’s impolite to take pictures of people without their permission?

  • tessdee

    @zorg – one certainly is within their rights to take pictures even without permission i suppose; however the manner in which he was doing this was creepy. i take issue with the way in which i observed him doing this – it did not feel right. just my opinion

  • tessdee

    oh and I also take issue with having to see his package and white ass with yellow floss in it while my kids are around.

  • BKHeightsGirl

    He was at the park again today. I want to take a sheet and throw it over his body.

  • zorg

    tessdee, it’s impossible to get any concrete idea of what you mean by “the way in which he was doing this.”

  • hoppy

    I’ve been in EFF park many times and I have never seen this guy take pictures. I can appreciate the fact that you don’t like his choice of sunbathing wear or that you might have difficulty explaining the human body to your kids, but please don’t throw out anonymous accusations that this guy is some kind of creepy secret pornographer unless you are willing and able to provide competent proof.

  • tessdee

    @hoppy, I am not accusing anyone of anything. Making leaps that I think this guy is a pornographer is unfair. Those are your words. What I simply stated was, that in my opinion, it felt odd to me he was essentially hiding his camera with his body and taking shots. That he was appearing – again in my opinion – to try and be very discreet in taking pictures of groups around him. Most people I observe do not take photographs in that manner. That is all I am saying. Clearly this man will spend a lot of time in the park this season so we’ll see how it goes….

  • hoppy


    My “pornographer” comment was just a hyperbolic response to the cryptic nature of your posts. But thanks for clarifying what you saw— his discreet photographing of “groups.” For a moment I thought there was actually some kind of issue here.

  • HeightsDiva

    Isn’t it illegal to go nude at NYC beaches? It should be the same in parks. He could maybe just wear a thong at least, since there are so many young kids in the area.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    HeightsDiva: Concern for young kids? I think I just got my daily adult requirement of irony.

  • HeightsDiva

    Just because I don’t like or want kids personally doesn’t mean I wish them the trauma have to face that scariness! Geesh

  • David on Middagh

    tessdee said: “bad taste and pasty skin is not a crime…but he’s completely creepy and was snapping pics”

    Maybe he was sending in fashion Do’s and Don’t’s to Vice?

  • zorg

    HeightsDiva: You write: “He could maybe just wear a thong at least…” What? He *was* wearing a thong. Didn’t get past the headline?

  • BHgirl

    I, too, have seen this man in the EFF State Park. My first sighting of him there was a ‘rear’ view. He was on his side and his junk was squished out the back in between his legs with his yellow thong. It was hilarious and disturbing at the same time. Eeks!

  • Bartmann

    As a european it is a challenge for me to understand what the big deal is.

    But the easiest way for me to understand the American concern for nudity is to view it in the context of other cultures. In Saudi Arabia women wear burqas. In their society, a women walking around exposing her face, arms, and legs is considered indecent. From an American perspective a woman without a burqa is not indecent. In the US a man wearing a thong is considered indecent, in most European countries, it is not indecent. So in a general scale on personal bodily freedoms America falls roughly in the middle: freer than Saudi Arabia, but less free than Europe.

  • MAK

    @Homer: Here’s a thought, why not interview him for BHB, intrepid journalist that you are. Go right to the source, so to speak. It would be a public service. But seriously, it would be revealing (pun intended) and might help to confirm or deny the creepiness factor. Who knows what’s going inside his head, good or bad.

  • anon legal eagle

    If you’re going to discuss legal terms such as lewd or offensive, at least know the applicable laws. Here they are. You can get the same statutes at Findlaw.com or the NYS Legislature public information website, but this gives a distinct hyperlink to the relevant statutes: http://naturistaction.org/StatesFrames/State_Laws_Frames/New_York_Laws/body_new_york_laws.html

    This allows women to walk around topless because men are allowed to do so:

  • Billy Reno

    I think if he knew about all of this online attention, his hammock would surely morph into a circus tent.

  • tiitoo

    Bartmann: c’mon. I know some Americans can be prudish, but if we’re going to construct a scale, with Saudi Arabia at 0 and Europe at 100, America is probably around a 95. It’s removing that last fig leaf of clothing that seems to tip the balance here — but everything just up to is largely smiled upon.

  • jorale-man

    I think we’re giving him the exact attention he’s looking for. I just wish it would disappear off the home page. My eyes are burning every time I have to see this!

  • shamrock

    Come on folks, is it really such a fashion crime. I think it’s fair to say some of the Clark Street/St. George dorm kids would be more guilty. I say, “Banana Hammock Man for President!”

  • the where

    be grateful that he’s not helicopter man.think about it.

  • Andrew Porter

    This is the guy the park rangers at EFFSP called “thong man”, and who, no matter how long he sunbathed, was always pasty white. I guess he takes a bath every morning in an SPF 45 sun block.

    Incidentally, because EFFSP was a *state* rather than a city park, topless sunbathing by women was legal. Not that I ever saw anyone doing it.

  • BKHeightsGirl

    I saw him on the platform of the M/R train at Court Street with clothes on (recognized the grey clown hair and floppy hat and pasty arms) and had to do a double take. I almost followed him to the other end of the station, but decided that I really just don’t give a shit.

  • http://www.bestmugshotever.com othersideofthebridge

    Why is it always the people that you don’t want to see naked that do this? At least he’s not morbidly obese like people at nudist colonies.