Spring is Here – Time for Nude Sunbathing in Brooklyn Bridge Park


Was this guy really sunbathing nude on the newly opened lawn at Brooklyn Bridge Park?  A shocked BHB tipster sent us this photo and the answer to that question… after the jump.notsomuchnaked

Answer – not so much.  Talk about a banana hammock!

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  • zorg

    Andrew Porter: I have seen women going topless in EFFSP, though only on very few occasions over several years.
    In 2003 31-year-old Brooklyn resident Amy Gunderson won $10,000 from New York **City** after she was arrested for going topless at the 2001 Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Let’s hear it for Ron Kuby!
    This is a real civil rights issue. Come on, girls!

  • Pete

    It’s true in certain parts of Europe (Ibiza and Mykonos for ex) wearing the ‘thong’ for gents is the de rigeur and preferred disposition of forwardly progressive masculine/feminine types when tending to their suntan leisurely pursuits.