Homer Talks Choppers on Channel 5

Walking home on the Promenade after dropping off some of our new snazzy Brooklyn Bugle t-shirts to our pals at the Heights Cafe,  we noticed a news van interviewing passersby.  It was a crew from WNYW-TV, channel 5, talking to folks about yesterday’s announcement from the EDC about new rules governing tourist helicopters.   They asked me if I had an opinion about the choppers.  Do I?  You bet! Video after the jump.

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  • nabeguy

    Lookin’ good HF. You are now the official firebrand of the Heights. Wear the mantle well.

  • watchin on the nade

    how is it different now….its still nuts…watching now and every 3 minutes a helicopter is approaching to land from the South. its ridiculous. when will that end?

  • AEB

    Excellent, Homer! Clearly, a benevolent deity tracks your path and that of WPIX News…

    PS, exactly where does Sen. Squadron’s voice comes from? I mean, he’s working on a real basso profundo….