BHA Seeks Volunteers and Bakers for House Tour Next Saturday; Will Hold E-Waste Recycling Event on Weekend of June 5-6

The Brooklyn Heights Association needs volunteers to be house-watchers at the annual House Tour next Saturday, May 8, and also wants bakers to make cookies for the House Tour reception.

Dear BHA Friends: Our House Tour is this Saturday, May 8 and we still need volunteers to stand in the houses, and bakers to make cookies for the tea. We’d welcome your help!

1) House Volunteers are asked to take a shift, watching rooms to be sure there’s no touching, photo-taking, etc. Shifts run from 11:45 to 2:30 pm OR from 2:20 to 5:05 pm. Please reply to if you are available, indicating your shift preference, and we will give you the necessary details.

2) If you are a baker, would you please make 3-4 (or more!) of your favorite cookies (squares or bars) for the Reception at Plymouth Church. We ask that you deliver them in a covered container to Plymouth Church, 75 Hicks Street on Friday from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm or on Saturday from 12 to 2. Be sure to put your name and address on the container if you wish it returned to you and so we can thank you!

3) The BHA’s Spring House Tour is the BHA’s principal fundraising event which enables the organization to keep working for the Heights without having to keep raising member dues. We love it because it brings neighbors together – in the spirit of volunteering for the benefit of a shared community, AND it celebrates historic preservation. Visitors (from as far afield as PA, CT, LI, NJ) come away knowing more about 19th century architecture and appreciating all that Brooklyn Heights and Brooklyn have to offer. They also rave about our freshly baked cookies! We hope you’ll want to help with all of the above!

On the weekend of June 5-6, the BHA will sponsor an e-waste recycling event at First Unitarian Church, at the corner of Pierrepont Street and Monroe Place.

Start cleaning your closets now…..On Saturday, June 5: 10 AM to 4 PM and Sunday, June 6: Noon to 2 PM we are co-sponsoring an E-Waste Recycling event at the First Unitarian Church on Pierrepont Street (corner of Monroe Place). Plan on bringing all of your discarded household electronics (computers, keyboards, monitors, cables, TVs and much more). We’ll send another reminder closer to the date, with a list of accepted items.

Watch for an update here.

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  • milton

    I kind of have a problem with this event. It is basically “come see how the wealthier-than-thou live and decorate their houses” . Once upon a time, people were interested in seeing the decor that Goldman Sachs bonuses bought, but today it seems an affront. Who cares what the houses of the over-priviliged look like and how they are furnished? They are all more or less the same anyway. Oh look! Abstract art over the Louis XV console…how original!

  • David on Middagh

    Well *I* have a problem with the recycling event. Isn’t is just an excuse for the rich and overprivileged to flaunt their castoffs? If you’re dropping off a massive hunk of Sony Trinitron glass , you hardly need to say, “My other TV’s a 65″ plasma.”

    Yes, I’ll be there with my dead old VCR, along with all the gawkers and wannabe’s, but I won’t like it.

  • milton

    David, you attempt at wit or parody falls flat. Try something more, you know, funny.

  • ABC

    Have you ever been to this event Milton? There are usually 2 or 3 homes that are very VERY original. I still think about that house on Pierrepont from a couple of years ago. Or the place last year that was all glass in the back. Of course, it’s all too rich for my blood but I can appreciate things without needing to own them myself. Or getting mad at other people for owning them.

    Also, it’s hugely successful and makes a large part of the BHA’s operating income. And all volunteer. Really, you have a problem with THIS?

  • David on Middagh

    @militon: My comment should have been funny? Why? Yours wasn’t.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve been to all the tours over the last several years and they’re all wonderful houses, except the house on Middagh which had been completely gutted and was very modern inside. I think it’s for sale currently.