Flight of the Ospreys

As your correspondent prepared for his customary morning walk, a loud clattering sound came from the direction of the harbor. This, on the morning after the helicopter noise deal was announced? Reaching the Promenade, I saw a U.S. Marine Corps V-22 Osprey twin tilt-rotor aircraft lifting off from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. I looked up as a flight of northbound geese passed, and saw another Osprey circling Governors Island. The Osprey that had lifted off quickly returned to the Heliport and touched down again, its rotors drawing up a huge amount of spray. After about fifteen minutes of maneuvering, the Ospreys headed south and disappeared.

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  • Fritz

    Glad they flew and didn’t crash.

  • Salma Vahdat

    The choppers not only annoy BH but also fly over my house in Bay Ridge and all summer over my summer place on Shelter Island en route to Easthampton. I can’t seem to get away from them no matter where I am. They all come from the downtown heliport….woe is me!

  • milton

    I heard them this morning w/out knowing what they were. they sounded like unusually loud helicopters.

  • http://www.alternet.com Halli Burton

    The military/industrial complex are a noisy bunch.

  • Nelson

    These damn suckers were incredibly loud Sat am The loud noise reverberated throughout my area….had windows open and had to close them! Feh!….and I had thought some headway had been made with the flow of copters buzzing our neighborhood! Guess not.

  • http://limestonefinancial.blogspot.com/ Steph M

    Claude. Do you walk around with a video cam all the time? Or do you have a great phone? ;)