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84th Precinct Police Blotter – 2/15/15

Hello, lovebirds! Hope all you crazy kids had a great Valentine’s Day. And what can keep you more in the mood than another installment of the Brooklyn Heights Blog police blotter? Read it alone, or as a couple! (Or more, we don’t judge.) Our old pal Planet Fitness finally returned, thanks to a locker break-in […]

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Siggy’s Good Food in Brooklyn Heights Will Close on March 1

For those of you already mourning the loss of Taperia and Connecticut Muffin, read no further. For the rest: I received a tip today that Siggy’s Good Food, the beloved organic eatery of Henry Street where aliens eat free, is closing. I spoke to a waitress at Siggy’s who said she couldn’t comment, but gave […]

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84th Precinct Police Blotter – 1/31/15

So I’m three weeks back at the police blotter and nothing yet to report from Planet Fitness. However, two incidents occurred on January 19th at the Atlantic Avenue YMCA, both at around 2 p.m. In the first, a 22-year-old man playing basketball left his backpack on the gym floor. When he was done shooting hoops […]

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Since I’m Not Working: Native American Edition

I’m currently job hunting, and while writing resumes that no one will read is really exciting, I’ve decided to also take this (hopefully brief) time to do the things I wouldn’t normally have time to do if I had a job. I don’t have a particular agenda, just wherever the mood takes me. Perhaps you […]

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84th Precinct Police Blotter – 1/24/15

For those of you hunkered down under the inches of snow, it’s a special weekend edition of the blotter. Last Monday there were two reports of women being robbed in elevators. The first occurred at 8 a.m. on Bridge Street, where a thug stole $20, the second at 8:30 a.m. on Sands Street, where a […]

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84th Precinct Police Blotter – 1/15/15

Welcome to the first police blotter of 2015! Also the first blotter in quite awhile, my time had been taken up by one of those pesky full-time jobs you hear about – now that I’ve been laid off, I’m free to write about all the malfeasance in the neighborhood. (So if you know of any […]

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Clark Street Station Middle Elevator Broken Again

Just when we were getting used to all the Clark Street elevators running, comes this photo from a reader. Less than two weeks after its repair (after months of being out of order) the middle elevator is out again. We asked what’s up with that elevator. The subway clerk had no answers. DEVELOPING…. Update: According […]

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NY Times’ Sunday Routine in Brooklyn Heights

The New York Times’ “Sunday Routine,” which covers the mundane of the rich and famous, turns its eye toward Brooklyn Heights’ own designer and event planner David Stark, who namechecks a couple local hotspots: “I often will go play tennis at the Tennis Center in Prospect Park. I’ll play for an hour or so, and […]

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Running Up Jehovah’s Hill

Racked recently profiled a woman named Beth Weinstein who launched a clothing line for runners called Only Atoms. In the Q&A she was asked, “What’s the city’s most challenging route?” Jehovah’s Hill in Brooklyn Heights! That’s not the official name, but since the hill is near the Jehovah’s Witness building, that’s what I call it. […]

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Dumpling Time on Montague

Andy’s Chinese restaurant quietly closed last month, and it appears that it will soon be replaced by a dumpling restaurant. I say appears because twice I’ve gone by and looked in the window and no one has been there to answer questions, so I can only go by the signage. This is the extent of […]

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