84th Precinct Police Blotter – 1/24/15

For those of you hunkered down under the inches of snow, it’s a special weekend edition of the blotter.

Last Monday there were two reports of women being robbed in elevators. The first occurred at 8 a.m. on Bridge Street, where a thug stole $20, the second at 8:30 a.m. on Sands Street, where a thug stole $850.

On January 8th, a wallet was stolen from a customer at Amarachi Prime, and $800 charged to the victim’s debit card.

It was a terrible New Year’s Day for a woman on Willow Street, who got into a verbal altercation with her boyfriend that escalated to the point where he punched her in the face. The suspect was still at large at the time of the report.

Another fight between a couple took place in an apartment on Atlantic Avenue and ended when the man threw an alarm clock at his girlfriend’s face. He was later arrested.

That old standby, the locker room theft, took place at the YMCA on Atlantic Avenue on January 14th. The victim put her belongings in a locker and when she returned they were gone. The haul included $250 boots, a $200 handbag, $325 jacket, and that all-important monthly Metrocard. (Which will soon cost even more.)

A patient left his wallet at Metropolitan Dental on Fulton Street, and it was gone by the time he returned.

On January 15th at the Montague Street AT&T store, two men grabbed two iPhone 6s and two Samsung Galaxies from a display. Total value: $2,885.96.

On January 15th at 8:20 p.m., a 72-year-old man walking to his friend’s apartment on Sidney Place was approached by two teenage perps, one of whom flashed a knife and demanded the victim’s phone. The man handed it over, along with $50.

Finally, two men with tote bags walked into the West Elm in DUMBO and walked out with $5,300 worth of duvet covers, shams, and sheet sets. And that’s this week(end)’s blotter.

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  • Heights Correspondent 1

    I was inside the AT& T store when the two Ripped the
    Equipment off the wall and bolted out the door in flash.
    I was towards the middle of the store with too many
    People in between for me to intervene. But you can
    Easily see WHY these animals feel it perfectly safe
    To pull off a brazen robbery like this…the assorted
    AT&T “associated” made it clear that this was a not
    Unusual in the store system and in no way were they
    Even look outside let alone do anything else. They
    Simply S-l-o-w-l-y called what appeared to be
    Management then they quietly called the 84.
    This is, Something like ten minutes or more after
    The incident occurred. The figure of $2800. Or so,
    Is deceptive due to the phones being non
    Activatable according to one associate.
    So the question is, what instructions has
    AT&T given their wonderful sales staff.
    Just because this behavior has become
    Usual in stores they have sold in some
    Of the neighborhoods they come from,
    Does NOT mean its acceptable here….I just
    Wish I had been closer to the front of the
    Store to some how intervene. These types
    Need a real lesson not to do this in the

  • Fritz

    “Associates” risk injury to prevent a theft of ATT equipment? Hopefully they are instructed not to get in a physical confrontation. Heights Correspondent, be glad you couldn’t get to the action!

  • MonroeOrange

    ok Charles Bronson….lets see you teach them that lesson!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    Yeah sure you would have been able to do something to stop the theft. More likely you would have gotten punched in the face, or worse. Of course the sales associates are taught to NOT intervene in such cases. Just like bank tellers, let them take what they want, it’s much less costly then if someone gets injured or killed.

    A lot of stolen cellphones are sold overseas where they can indeed be activated and fetch much higher prices than they do here.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Arch I respect you, but your comment and
    The attitude it represents is exactly why
    Neighborhoods and civilizations decline
    Or crash. You know, I and my associates
    Have LONG observed that casino types
    Are more than anything else avoidance
    Artists. They like to rule from behind
    The scenes and take all the best
    Benefits of this country while giving
    The least they can. That’s the exact
    Religion of the casino, The idea that you
    Simply let bad things happen, time and
    Time again is a social pathology and
    The people who propagate the “don’t
    Get involved” line are carriers of the
    Disease which destroys civilizations
    Throughout history. Bravery, commitment
    And personal sacrifice secures civilization
    And our country. And it starts with small
    Things just like making small crime now
    Difficult. And as far as your and

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    As the comments of some of the others here,
    I’ll tell you both, if I was in the front of that
    Store I’ll GUARANTEE both of you, at least
    One of those two vermin would not have
    Made it out the store.

    But my broader point is a comment on the
    Culture of firms like AT&T who like higher
    Pathogenic elements, like casino types,
    Have the classic take the most, give back
    The least and if we also contribute to the
    Decay, who’s going to hold us to account?

    AT&T, along with many other retail firms
    Can engage in business security practices
    Which make the Heights a much less vulnerable
    Target. There is available, affordable off at he
    Shelf technology which prevents what happed
    What? the darlings at AT&T

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    AT&T can’t afford better security technology
    Its simple if anything is disconnected from
    The wall the front door locks. Systems which
    Are basic technology are in use all over the
    World. Arch, I’ll bet you’ve done some travel
    You can’t do this in a lot of shops in say, Madrid
    Or Paris because the door simply locks.

    But besides the lack of even basic technology,
    You can’t excuse or justify the AT&T “associates”
    Who took their sweet time calling the cops.
    That’s good for the heights?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    First to be clear, I am by no means a pacifist, I have “gotten involved” numerous times over the years. I agree with the concept of “sticking up” for others and the neighborhood, However, the thing to remember is to weigh the severity of the situation against the severity of the possible outcome. In the case of the ATT heist I wouldn’t have done more than stick around and give a deposition to the cops (and that’s a lot considering, I don’t like cops).

    To put your life at risk over a couple of cellphones that are owned by none other than the “casino set” is even more reason not to lend a hand, in fact it might even be better to open the door for the thieves on their way out :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    The technology is used here in convenience stores. However, It requires a double set of doors with bulletproof glass that trap the perp in between, otherwise they could and often do simply grab an employee of customer at gun/knife point and demand the door be opened. Needless to say, nobody wants that scenario. Of course, all that hardware and its maintenance is very expensive, a lot more than the cost of the merchandise they are likely to loose.
    Besides I don’t see what your worry is, considering crime here so much lower than it used to be.

  • Heights Correspondent 1

    Amazing..a pure example of why
    Civilizations decline…and the
    People who CAUSE the decline
    No, the total crash..