84th Precinct Police Blotter – 3/31/15

Perps in a candy store steal no candy; a terrifying incident at Domino’s; and a nervous bank robber ask for little money and gets even less. It’s last week’s blotter.

Yes, it’s last week this week, but that means you get a twofer when I post this week’s blotter later this week. You follow? Moving on …

Two bicycle incidents to kick things off. The first occurred on March 16th, when a man reported that the bike he’d chained to the street sign at Jay and York was missing, as was the street sign. I put on my Columbo trench and went to investigate, but all street signs were accounted for. The bike, a Parlee Z5 Ultegra, was valued at $4,100.

The second occurred the following day, when an officer noticed a man disobeying the rules of the road on a CitiBike at the Tillary and Jay intersection. When he nabbed the guy he discovered the CitiBike had been stolen from Jay and MetroTech on February 27th. For those who are interested, a CitiBike is valued at $1,200.

Two thugs busted into a candy store on Livingston Street but steered clear of the Skittles in favor of $10K in cash.

A violent robbery took place at the Domino’s on Smith Street on March 18th at 5:45 p.m. According to witnesses, two men burst into the store demanding money from the cashier and waving a knife. They then pushed him up against the wall, stabbed him repeatedly and stole his iPhone, along with $200. The victim was taken to the hospital and survived the attack, but the thugs are still at large.

On the same day and same street, clothing store Intermix was hit in broad daylight by three men who stole $6,778 worth of merchandise, including six Helmut Lang sweaters and five pairs of Rag & Bone jeans. Witnesses said the whole thing took less than a minute.

The following day at a Bank of America branch on Fulton Street, a man approached the teller with a note asking for $550. ($550?) When she asked, “What do you actually want?” the would-be robber fled and was later arrested.

A thief hit a Monroe Place apartment on March 16th and made off with more than $15K in stolen goods, including $3,000 worth of jewelry, a $4,500 MacBook (I did not know they were worth that much!) and Nikon camera equipment.

Finally, an eagle-eyed perp noticed an unlocked display case at the Written By Forest jewelry store on Atlantic Avenue and made off with $10,780 worth of gems. And that’s last week’s blotter.

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  • martinlschneider

    As a Monroe Place resident I worry about the burgulary here. Are there more details available. House number? Apt?

  • HeatherQuinlan

    Sorry, can’t give that out.

  • MonroeOrange

    was it a brownstone apt or apartment building?