Why No Weekday Ferry Service Brooklyn to Governors Island?

There’s ferry service from Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 (foot of Atlantic Avenue) to Governors Island on Saturdays and Sundays after the Island re-opens to the public on Saturday, May 23, but there will be no way for Brooklynites to get there on weekdays, other than to take a train to lower Manhattan, walk to the Battery Maritime Building (just east of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal) and take a ferry from there. mai Armstrong of Working Harbor Committee has protested this, as have several local elected officials, who have written to Mayor de Blasio suggesting an extension of the weekday East River Ferry service to Governors Island.

Photo: Your correspondent for BHB.

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  • miriamcb

    Yes, I would love to get to Governor’s Island during the week easily with my young daughter. Going to Lower Manhattan with her to catch a ferry and all that is just a little too much. It would be fantastic if there were were weekday ferry service from Bklyn!

  • Michael Rock