John Catsimatidis Water Now Available at Brooklyn Heights Gristedes for 2 Bucks More than Other Locations

If there was any doubt in your mind that the Henry Street Gristedes had not worked hard to earn the nickname “Gougestedes”, we submit this for your consideration.

Its owner/former GOP mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis had 1000 water bottles leftover from his 2013 campaign complete with his picture on them. Earlier this month, they went on sale at his grocery stores citywide. Funny thing is, a case of 24 at the Brooklyn Heights store is $5.99 while the NY Post reports that they’re selling for $3.99 at other Gristedes.

Well maybe that’s due to the fact the man himself fancies them as collector’s items, telling the NY Post that he “still has bottles of Billy Beer.”

Think Brooklyn Heights resident/GOP mayoral candidate 2013 Joe Lhota will be buying a case?

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  • Brixtony

    JC water? Must be holy. Gristerdes is a rip-off. Despite living next door, we almost never go in the place any more.