Brownstoner Comparison-Shops: How does Gristede’s measure up?

Another Trader Joe’s is headed to the area, so Brownstoner decided to take a look at prices at some of Brooklyn’s most popular grocery stores, including our very own Gristede’s:

The produce section isn’t magnificent, but offers a decent selection of basic fruits and veggies. When Brownstoner visited on an early Sunday afternoon, the store was nearly deserted apart from staff, who were exceptionally helpful.

Do you shop at Gristede’s? Fairway? Whole Foods? Do you buy milk or kale or eggs or beer?

Then check out what Brownstoner has to say about which of the area stores has the best prices.

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  • AEB

    For me, Gristedes is only for last-minute, can’t-get-elsewhere items (like past silver polish). Otherwise, shopping there is an exercise in masochism–why would anyone willingly pay up to (and past) three times the amount of dough for goods easily gotten cheaper elsewhere? There’s a reason the store’s been rightfully dubbed Gougestedes.

    Then there’s the sub-zero store temp. I always don several parkas before going there, but these are still insufficient. On several occasions I’ve thought of building a fire somewhere near the frozen goods case….

  • Mary T

    TJ’s, Sahadi’s, and the greengrocer on Atlantic have the best prices and overall selection. Brooklyn Heights Meat on Clark is pricey, and worth it.

    Key Food on Montague is good for staples, Garden of Eden for specialty items, but pricey. Key sometimes has the same or similar items for less.

    Gristedes on Clark is overpriced and underwhelming. Peas and Pickles (what’s the name now?) next door often has same or similar items for less.

    Don’t forget the Saturday farmer’s market on Court! Best produce for the buck, and Bread Alone is my go-to bakery.

  • Andrew Porter

    That the former Peas & Pickles (now All-in-One) just across Pineapple Walk has been able to survive and indeed flourish, expanding several times, is a testament to how awful that Grosstedes is.

    Oh, and the copper polish at Key Food tastes better, too!

  • Andrew Porter

    The only thing I buy at Perelandra on Remsen Street is organic lactose-free milk. The people who shop there can find some of the same brands at half the price at other local stores, including TJ’s and Key.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s Perelandra, a 1951 Avon paperback edition (good thing those clouds were there!):

  • Pierrepont

    Got to say, I am a die-hard Fairway fan unless a Nor’easter is rolling in. Neither Key nor Grosstedes, nor Peas & Pickles for that matter, can really hold a candle to the likes of Fairway.

  • AEB

    I’ve tried it, Andrew, and–well, let’s say that it lacks bouquet. But perhaps I’ll give it another go….

  • Jorale-man

    If only TJ’s could get its lines down to a reasonable length. It still has far and away the best prices in the area. Maybe the new one will alleviate the burden.

    I feel like the Key Foods on Montague has been improving in recent months while the one on Atlantic still feels like a grocery store circa 1982.

  • Jessie C.

    How cool would it be if Gristede’s finally closed and a food co op comparable to Park Slope’s took its place?

  • Willow Street Watch

    Both I and several family members have caught every food source in BH seriously overcharging its customers. Its getting so bad that you almost need a calculator with you. They cheat lots of ways. The “swipe” which was supposed to do away with wrong prices has only made the problem more complex. From not discounting things on sale, to charging for a larger sizes, to straight overcharging, everyone’s involved to an extent. The only thing they don’t pull in the Heights is when you give them $20 and they argue you gave them a $10. Too many people told the manager to count the draw…but you HAVE to constantly watch…the problem is far worse with the elderly….

  • miriamcb

    I always feel like they are shelving/facing in that one on Atlantic and can never get through or reach anything I need!