Stork Arrives Outside Clark Street Station

PIX 11 reports that, with assistance from NYPD officers and FDNY EMTs, a woman successfully gave birth to an apparently healthy baby on the sidewalk outside the Clark Street subway entrance on Saturday at about 6:00 p.m. The story quotes Twitter user Chris Fohlin’s tweet:

Just another day in Brooklyn Heights: woman had a baby on the sidewalk in front of Clark 2,3 stop! #Brooklyn

PIX 11’s Kaitlyn Monte captured some of the scene on her Periscope.

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  • Reggie

    Do people really need to photograph or otherwise record all phenomena that occurs in a public and semi-public setting? I am a trained first-responder who works in another field. When I come upon an emergency situation, I ascertain whether the personnel on the scene require my assistance. If not, I move along. As the cops say (not often enough), “Nothing to see here,” and there is certainly nothing that needs to be recorded and posted to the internet. Show some human decency.

  • Willow Street Watch

    I was driving on Henry just after the police/ems had almost completely gone. People were on the corner of penny bridge. One wag audibly commented that the kid, they said it was a boy, should be named Henry Clark. _________. . Another genius at the scene countered No! He should be named Clark Henry _________.

  • GHB

    Glad he wasn’t born on Joralemon!