Chocolate Works: How Sweet it Its!

When it opened this past June, Montague Street’s Chocolate Works’ original design was slick and gleaming white.  But by August, owner Shlomi Avdoo felt the confectionery should have a more “homey feel” and undertook a quick renovation.  The wall of candy by the pound, glass displays of chocolate truffles and fudge remain.  But the high gloss has been replaced with a more open floor plan and the welcomed addition of an Espresso bar, baked treats and a long communal table where guests can enjoy a free truffle with every beverage purchase.

Shlomi feels the shop “now has something for everyone” and explained it is important to him that “customers get the best service.”  He plans to introduce two loyalty programs: 1) Buy 9 beverages and the 10th is free and 2) a card that gives 10% off your next purchase of bulk candy.  The shop is chock full of grab-and-go gifts but they also prepare platters, gift baskets and corporate gift items.  The event space is bright and perfect for birthday parties or other events.

A lesser know fact: Chocolate Works also holds drop-in classes where children and adults alike can learn to use the “I Love Lucy” machine to enrobe a pretzel, oreo or graham cracker.   Or, you can mold and decorate your own chocolate bar.  The evening  class is a culinary lesson in truffle-making and would provide a unique girls-night-out, date night or even team-building activity. You can even BYOB (reservations suggested, truffle class requires 30 minutes of prep time).  Chocolate AND wine?  NOW you’re talking!

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  • Peter Loibl

    Off topic, but I saw Michael Bloomberg and a group of folks walking around Brooklyn Bridge Park today. Anyone know the scoop?

  • Banet

    He’s the honoree at the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s Black Tie Gala in early October. Maybe he wanted to get the lay of the land.

    (Remember, the Conservancy is the group that does most of the free programming in the park. The movies, the yoga, the class field trips, the education center, the nature tours, etc. They’re good peeps. It’s the Corporation that builds and maintains the park and sells the development land to the highest bidder.)

    Also, the Public Art Fund paid for all the orange benches and the mirror columns and the water art thing at Pier 1 — and he’s the primary source of cash behind the Public Art Fund. So maybe he wanted to see what his $1MM bought him.

  • ShinyNewHandle

    Tried their decaf this weekend–very nice. Also the truffle (coconut, I think).

  • Slobodan

    Looks like paid advertising

  • ClaudeScales

    Just because one of us likes a place doesn’t mean it’s “paid advertising.” We don’t put advertising in our editorial content.

  • Arch Stanton

    Okay then its unpaid advertising.

  • SongBirdNYC

    For the record, I wanted to report on something fun. The overcrowding and re-zoning meetings and subsequent debates have been very intense. Also, the owner is working hard and genuinely trying to make the shop something that benefits the neighborhood. I felt Chocolate Works is a nice addition to Montague Street, as is Emack and Bolio’s. I personally would like the small retailers be successful. In contrast the old Starbucks space is laying empty as the landlord allegedly holds out for a big chain something or other. Meanwhile, it’s an eyesore.

  • Taters

    LOL- so Starbucks wasn’t a big enough chain?