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The New, Improved Gristedes Opens

Updated with News 12 Brooklyn Video after the jump The new and improved Gristedes on Henry and Clark is open and if the pistachio muffins are indication, it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Welcome Back, Gristedes

Sure we bought our share of moldy veggies and passed-sell by date milk at the “old” Gristedes.  Yes, we may have had dark thoughts about torching the place (metaphorically of course) ourselves.  However, that evil deed was accomplished by an electrical malfunction on April Fools Day 2008. On Friday morning (11/21) the new “improved” Gristedes […]

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HUZZAH! Henry Street Gristedes Will Re-Open Next Friday

As commenter “Nancy” posted on OTW earlier today and BHB has CONFIRMED – the fire ravaged Gristedes on Henry and Clark Street will reopen next Friday November 21. The store was destroyed by an electrical fire on April Fools Day.  Original reports had the store re-opening in “six to eight weeks.”  Seven and a half […]

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Gristedes Update

This missive reportedly from Gristedes Customer Service was posted in BHB comments yesterday: Construction Update: Our crews are working fast and furious to bring you an updated, full service and modern supermarket as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while we continue to push for the opening. Our newly renovated full service supermarket will […]

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Report: Gristedes to Have Coffee Counter

After calling Gristedes customer service last month and being passed around like a crowd surfer at a 1982 Black Flag concert, we took a stance of “surprise us” regarding the reopening of the fire ravaged Henry Street location.  McBrooklyn reports today that tipsters inside the store are saying that the new revamped store will feature […]

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Court: Gristedes Screwed Employees on Pay

Somehow, we think that this might have something to do with the snail’s pace renovation of the Henry Street Gristedes store – The NY Times reports that a federal judge has ruled that the supermarket chain cheated lower level managers out of over-time pay.  Lawyers for the plaintiffs tell the paper they predict a settlement […]

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Gristedes Ready for September?

McBrooklyn went on a recon mission to the fire-gutted Gristedes, came back with a photo of its gutted and cleaned out and ready for action goodness as well as a tasty factoid we think some of you will enjoy commenting upon:

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Great Grosstede’s Ghost!

A BHB tipster sent in this photo of a delicacy for sale at Peas ‘n’ Pickles on Henry Street.  As much as we love the P&P and as much as we know they’re working doubletime since the Great Grosstedes Fire of ’08, this is not the kind of stuff anyone likes to see on the […]

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John Catsimatidis’ Myrtle Avenue Stalemate or Do You Really Think This Guy Can Be Mayor?

Gristedes supermarket king pin John Catsimatidis’ Myrtle Avenue condo/supermarket project is stalled according to a report in today’s NY Daily News.  Apparently, Catsimatidis was so confident at one point in the inevitability of the project’s completion that he demolished the neighborhood’s only supermarket to make way for construction.  We found this passage in the Daily […]

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With Gristedes Closed, Is Peas and Pickles Shaking Brooklyn Heights Down?

For the record, we like the the Peas and Pickles on Henry Street.  Their fruit and vegetables are usually fresh and the staff are pretty nice.   Usually their prices, like most bodegas in the city, are a little higher than the average supermarket. However, since the fire that shut down the Henry Street Gristedes next […]

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