Great Grosstede’s Ghost!

A BHB tipster sent in this photo of a delicacy for sale at Peas ‘n’ Pickles on Henry Street.  As much as we love the P&P and as much as we know they’re working doubletime since the Great Grosstedes Fire of ’08, this is not the kind of stuff anyone likes to see on the shelves.  On the bright side, seeing something moldy on a store shelf does make us a little sentimental about our good ol’ Gristedes.

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  • AB

    I too rely on P & P since the Gristedes self-snuff, and by and large they do a fine job (though I do wish they’d carry pet supplies–wassup with THAT?).

    I must mention though that weeks ago, during the Great Tomato Debacle, I asked one of the guys behind the counter where their supply of the fruit came from.

    He was puzzled–he didn’t know, but why would I want to? I asked a second employee, and got the same confused response. Third employee–still nada.

    Fortunately, on closer inspection, the tomatoes revealed their place of origin via stickers….

  • JJD

    Nothing ever gets moldy in your fridge or pantry?

  • Jazz

    that’s about as relevant as asking if AB can fly

  • Dan

    I’m not a pet owner, so maybe I’m missing something, but hasn’t this blog already established that there are a plethora of pet stores in BH (with more to come)? Perhaps that’s why Peas and Pickles doesn’t bother stocking up, in their limited space, on pet supplies.

  • oy

    um, Dan, I think it was called a “joke”

  • AB

    Dan, I live in north BH. Nearest cat food and litter supplier with goods priced so that buying same wasn’t masochistic was Gristedes.

    Now I can:

    buy from the store in the St. George arcade and pay through the nose…

    …or walk to the Food Fair on Montague and buy there.

    All the pet stores you mention favor dogs and/or don’t sell cat supplies that aren’t wildly expensive.

  • amy

    UGH. gross.

    ps: thanks for linking to me BHB!

  • ratNYC


    The origin of the tomatoes is irrelevant because almost guaranteed the tomatoes, and practically all produce, will end up being handled by a migrant worker before it gets to our homes, and we all know what that means: if we keep infuriating this hard-working people with border wall talk and stuff, chances are our veggies will take a trip “south of the border” before hitting our tables, if you know what I mean. Have you wondered why cherry tomatoes are safe? Because they are too small (I still have not figured out the Jalapeno one, though). Anyway, I bet the FDA will soon announce the real cause of the tomato pollution is, to our surprise, Lou Dobbs.

  • my2cents

    Peas and Pickles is a good place! A single moldy item is within the bounds of reason. Food is perishable.

  • Nancy

    Um, sorry, don’t think they are great. I stopped buying at P&P when I got my 2nd tub of ice -crystaed Ben and Jerry’s and my expired cream cheese. Hey, if I wanted old, moldy food, I could have bought at Busy Chef!

  • my2cents

    i said good, not great. :-)

  • Ethan

    Why is everyone always so down on Gristedes? I always went there over Key Food. At least Gristedes carried more than 3 products (which no one wanted) like Key Food does.

  • JJD

    I bought a moldy apricot at Fairways two weeks ago. Next time I will send you a picture to post.

  • Andrew Porter

    I learned not to buy milk in the summer at P&P. Frequently found bread that was moldy there until I stopped buying that product, too, there. They are good with packaged food, though of course you’re paying for convenience. And they have some things I can’t find anywhere else, such as Cranberry Chutney. But the only place in the Heights that had Musselman’s Apple Butter was Gristede’s.