Purchase Building Land – Parking, No Park?

Unconfirmed, but fascinating, from a BHB tipster:

I live across the street from the Purchase Building and wanted to pass on a tip regarding the space now created by the demolition of the Purchase Building.  In speaking with one of the foremen from Sanska, the contractors overseeing the demolition, the DOT is making a very aggressive bid to gain control of this new space under the bridge for the next 4-5 years to store equipment and vehicles in connection with their plans to make extensive repairs to the Brooklyn Bridge.  From what he can tell the DOT is winning the argument with the Conservancy and the Mayors Office.  So I guess another part of the new park bites the dust.

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  • my2cents

    So where do you propose storing vehicles while making “extensive repairs” to the brooklyn bridge? It seems logical to store vehicles as close to a worksite as possible.

  • Jazz

    5 years is a long time, no?

  • my2cents

    It’s a big bridge with heavy traffic. And as we all know, nothing in New York happens in a “New York minute.” I wouldn’t be suprised if it takes them 5 years to refurbish the bridge. It wasn’t designed to have SUVs pounding over it all day. I read that since 1990 (when SUVs first became popular) the bridge has fatigued more than in the rest of its life. This is just oneof those inconveniences we might have to put up with, though obviously I would love to see a park there instead of dump trucks!

  • T.K. Small

    If they ever finished building New York, it is going to be great!

  • here since 89

    I drive an SUV and I love it.
    Eat my dust geezer socialist.

  • Ethan

    Which one is the purchase building again?

  • No One Of Consequence

    WAS the modern/deco building under the bridge by the river cafe.

  • bornhere

    Ethan- If you use the “search” here and enter “Purchase Building,” you will be able to see a couple of pictures of it. (And Images at the Googles has a few, too.)

  • Troubled Reader

    Five years is really not that long in the scheme of things when we look back at how long it has taken to get the park built. By the way, I was going to write “park,” but I think I’ve given up on even bothering to use those quotation marks to signal disgust. Obviously, the Brooklyn Bridge must be repaired and if it takes a little inconvenience for nearby residents who would like a beautiful, open park space, right now and not another decade from now, what can you do? Write to City Hall?