Buh Bye: Kim Paris Vietnamese Grill

Sure someone tipped us off to this story in June, but we figured that the passing of the short-lived Kim Paris Vietnamese Grill deserved a proper send off.  In its place will be something called Ginger Vegetarian.  Sounds a lot like the Greens that Kim Paris replaced in December, eh?

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  • beth

    So what is up with like businesses opening and closing and opening in the same spaces? I don’t get it — seems like it would be simpler and cheaper to stick one business out. I am clueless, but I hope I can get some steamed juicy little dumplings here in the near future. Miss them terribly.

  • Pineapple

    I happened to be passing by as workers were taking down signs and noticed that the previous owner of the Greens was there with his father (I believe the father owned the restaurant, but for all intents and purposes the son ran it day to day). He sadly told me that he was not behind the new vegetarian place, but did indicate to me that perhaps sometime in the future he would return. I assume he was there because owns the lease on the building….

    I did take the opportunity to tell him of 4 window front opportunities on Henry that just became available!

  • Chris

    Why oh why do they insist on repeatedly trying asian in this place. Don’t we have enough?? Get something NEW in there! And lose the tinted windows.

  • CJP

    Agree with Chris about the tinted windows. Steakhouses, strip clubs and college kids in fast cars need dark, tinted windows. Asian restaurants don’t.

    And sad that nothing seems to do well upstairs there. I rememember when the place was Hot Bird, which frankly I miss and thought they had a great business model and good food too.

  • AL

    There goes my favorite restaurant on Montague. She will be missed.

  • JGM

    Food was ok, but there was nothing in the place that made you want to sit and eat there. It was almost like they designed (?) the place so that they could vacate he premises within an hour. The prev mentioned tinted windows and cheesy temp decal logo on the window did not help either. If the new place operates in same way (ie no interior design – takeout biz), the new place will surely be closed in about 1 1/2 yrs as well.

  • travy

    jamba juice please!

  • yo

    know what we need…..QUIZNOS

  • Beavis

    Good G-d people, why not just move back to Dubuque and spare the real New Yorkers your cultural homogenization fantasies? Jamba Juice, Quiznos? How about a WalMart too? Or a Cheesecake Factory?

    Let’s all just wear polyester pastel colors and vote Republican while we’re at it!

  • Jazz

    Yeah Beavis, more homegrown biz like Busy Chef!

  • Topham Beauclerk

    CJP, it’s not true that no restaurant does well in this space. The Greens was very successful; it closed because the owner grew feebler and his son had other ambitions in life.

  • travy

    sorrry beavis but the smoothies at the bodega kinda suck

  • http://amysahba.blogspot.com amy

    that’s really sad… i actually thought their food was decent, considering the price! i still hold a torch for a nice small coffee/tea/pastry place but i just don’t think it will do so well… that’s just me dreaming!

  • yo

    Ooooo….Cheesecake Factory!!!

  • hannah

    I actually really liked their food – great grilled eggplant and bun xao. not the best pho in the city but definitely a good addition to the Heights. And to all the “we have too many asian restaurants” commenters – other than Lantern (food acceptable some days; others not), the asian fare in the nabe is fairly awful. I am sad to see KP go, tinted windows and all.

  • Nancy

    I like Tenda, food is ok and the people are very nice.

  • joe

    ^There goes my favorite restaurant on Montague. She will be missed.

    Agree. They actually had somewhat of a following. I think if they sold bahn mi’s they would have done better. I wish the locals supported them more since KP was better than the rest of the Asian fare in a 5 block radius and better than anything on Montague or Henry. I had the pho at Nicky’s and they are not quite as good.

  • Adam G

    Joe, they DID sell banh mis for a few weeks. It’s beyond me as to why they stopped…

    And yes, the Asian fare in the neighborhood is pretty dismal. For good stuff, you have to head down into Cobble Hill (though at least Ghang will deliver to my building). Back to pining for another Vietnamese place near me, I guess.

  • SCH

    The Vietnamese place was crap. The Greens was one of my favourite restaurants, and I’m VERY pleased another vegetarian joint is opening up. Let’s hope it’s some quality food like you get at Red Bamboo or Vegetarian Palace.

  • david

    Wow this is great news! I still miss The Greens though. I hope is it an outpost of Wild Ginger the asian vegan place that has locations in Nolita and Williamsburg. That place rules. Kim Paris was a sad replacement for the Greens. You people wishing for more chains are either trying to be ironic or are very sad people.

  • newguy

    Just my .02 but the menu at the new place seems very nice. Lots of different dishes and its vegan! Anyone try it out yet? Probably wont be in the neighborhood for a bit but I just might make a special trip.

  • Jacko

    I ate their twice: First time had General Tso’s w/ brown rice. The General Tso’s was decent, but the rice wasn’t very good. Ate there again and ordered soba noodles with tofu. The dish was oily as hell, and I was pissed that they charged me $2.95 for an iron pot of watered down tea. I won’t eat there again. Green’s, despite your harsh waitresses who spilled tea all over the table, we miss you.