New Neighbor: Kim Paris-Vietnamese Grill

Kim Paris-Vietnamese Grill has opened in the former location of The Greens at the corner of Montague and Henry Streets.  Originally a voice mail message on the restaurant's answering machine touted the opening of Island Grill. Clearly that plan did not pan out. A post on Chowhound notes:

Had an appetizer portion of the pho bo tai[sic]. It was pretty good. I'm not a pho expert, but I've had, and enjoyed, the pho at a pretty well regarded pho place in the dc area, so I know what I like. The pho at the brooklyn restaurant tasted pretty much like I remembered the dc place's pho tasted like. It came with the usual fixings, and a small bowl of hoisin sauce. I also had a chicken entree called honey ginger chicken. It was fine, but I wouldn't order it again. A bit too sweet, and too much ginger flavor. I plan on frequently going back for the pho, however. I do wish that they had soda lemonade like the place in dc had. It was basically just lemonade with seltzer, but it was really refreshing, especially with the pho. Anyway, the place on montague is definitely worth a look. 

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  • Alan

    Yeah, that was me. I think it’s a good addition to the neighborhood.

  • Adam G

    I went there for lunch a few days ago and found my bowl of pho thoroughly satisfactory. It’s not the best pho I’ve ever had, but it’s more than good enough to keep me coming back. I hope they stay in business.

  • Josh

    Had dinner there last night – it was very good!! – the summer rolls were awesome but the pho was a little too salty for my liking. But all in all a great addition – healthy food and very authentic! And it is an excellent addition to the tired Montague St restaurant scene.

    Think they need to brighten there windows – from the outside it looks like no one is inside

    Also if they could add the vietnamese sandwiches to the menu it would be a home run!

  • diane paragas

    do you guys have a phone number? or know if they deliver?

  • Remmy

    We ate there the other night and were very happy. Not the best Vietnamese we have ever had, but the place was clean, the food was fresh and very tasty. Against the sad competition on Montague St, it is better than pretty much every other Asian restaurant nearby.

  • Adam G

    Diane –

    718-247-1288(/-0088). Dunno if they deliver yet, doesn’t say on the takeout menu I have here. As of at the day before yesterday they’re still not taking credit cards yet.

  • Hannah

    went this week and it was quite good – very tasty, not too salty at all. their pho is great and we also tried the grilled eggplant and the coconut fried rice, both of which were delicious. i’m fan of lantern every so often but it is nice to have vietnamese on montague as well – hoping this place lasts!


    p.s. they said they will only start delivery after the new year. i think this is their soft opening?