RIP: The Greens; Island Grill Coming Soon

000521.jpegVegetarian/vegan friendly eatery The Greens is closed as BHB tipster "AD" writes:

Their main number has not worked in months.. have to call the other number.  I knew something fishy was up.  Then, I called the main number for dinner last night and it went through to a recording… "The Greens is now closed.  Thank you for your patronage… etc.."  There is some new restaurant opening. 

The phone message promises that "Island Grill" a restaurant specializing in "Singapore cuisine" will be opening soon at the 128 Montague Street location.

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  • Chris

    Nice! I don\’t even know what Singapore cuisine is, but \”Island Grill\” sounds

  • beth


  • MadeInBrooklyn

    this is another serious loss.

  • Claude Scales

    I hope Island Grill has good Singapore mai fun. That’s something I can’t get in the neighborhood now.

  • beth

    Ok, well. I freaked out but now I’m over it. If they are saying on their message that the Island Grill is coming, I’m taking a wild guess here that it will be by the same owners… and that maybe it won’t take too long to open. Maybe. And maybe it will be as good or better than Green’s. And still offer lots of good veg options. Ok. I feel better now.

  • bhb reader

    bummer. Greens had some unusual fare that was a nice alternative to bad chinese & filthy Italian places. I do love the sound of Island Grill, though! Skewers with grilled pineapple & shrimp are dancing in my head :)

  • Pamela Miller

    Oh NO! Well… at least now I can stop saying “Portland would be PERFECT if it only had a restaurant like The Greens”.

    It’s the only food thing we have missed.

    Pam in Portland

  • Aram

    I ate this 3 nights a week. I seriously dont know what to do now. I may leave the neighborhood. If L&H goes, thats it.. Im out of here the next day.

  • bob

    The greens was a serious DOH violator. A family of cats lived in the kitchen. First hand information. I haven’t eaten there since I heard that.

    BTW, the cats left with the owners ;)

  • joe

    I’ll miss greens since my vegan friends when they come over really appreciated it. I thought it was unique and some of the dishes were good though not really fantastic.

    BTW walked by Ricky’s today and they appeared to be open.

  • Warren

    Noooooooooooooo! Crap crap crap. Loved this place. It wasn’t nearly the best Chinese food I’ve ever had, but it’s the best I’ve had since going full-on vegetarian, and it was a go-to place to pick up dinner once a week. I wonder if it ever suffered from confusion with Andy’s downstairs, given that the menus look similar from afar. Or if it had enough of a core clientle, as it had a triple identity as a glatt-kosher vegetarian Chinese restaurant. Dammit, I’ll miss this place, and their tiny bowls of marinated peanuts.

  • JanetG

    Will miss them for the occasional lunch delivery and the fairly regular after work dinner. Unfortunately, they were only full at the court lunch hour. It’s so hard for vegetarian restaurants to stay in business, and I blame the folks who identify as vegetarian or vegan–more and more every day, it seems–but don’t go out of their way to support vegetarian restaurants.

  • j. law.

    i no longer have a reason to live. good bye general tso’s soy gluten.

  • JanetG

    Don’t do anything rash. There’s still kosher vegetarian Chinese at Buddha Bodai on Mott St. in Manhattan.

  • larry

    the quality was consistently as good as the day it opened.
    a loss

  • Aram

    I cant take it. 7 days of withdrawal and I feel my body getting weaker. I dont know what I am going to do. I miss the Red Snapper, the General Tsos Soy Gluten, the Yin Yang, the Sliced Soy Protein Hunan Style, the Hot Wantons… Where can I eat now? Lantern? No. Andys? No. Tell me what to do… I wish I could have The Greens back for just ONE night.

  • Chris & Denise

    Noooo!!! Sad days for two more devoted Greens customers. We, too, were General Tso’s Soy Gluten fans. In a fit of desperation last night we called on Vegetarian Delight (Park Slope) to replicate our usual Greens order: General Tso’s and wonton soup. Not even remotely close… tough, chewy, and rather bland. Let’s hope the Island Grill brings at least some of the Greens magic to its menu.

  • abe c

    I trekked to the Greens today, all the way from the financial district of Manhattan (!) and found the place to be closed.
    However, when I call the main #, I did receive a taped message stating the restaurant would re-open soon. No mention of a Singapore-themed place.

  • PJ

    Since I work in midtown, I never get a chance to eat lunch at The Greens. I was shocked when I went there on Columbus Day (it’s where I usually go on days off) only to find it closed! My head is still spinning. I will miss the gluten/peanut/celery dish. When the food is that good, I totally didn’t mind the rushed service and less-than-polite staff.

  • J

    For those of you who miss The Greens, as many of us do, I’d just like to HIGHLY recommend Hunan Delight on the corner of 6th Ave. and Union St. in Park Slope. They have one page of vegetarian/vegan dishes on the menu and it is great. The Spicy Sesame Vegetarian Chicken is the best Chinese food dish I have ever eaten, vegan or non-. And the General Tso’s is awesome too.

  • Nomi


    A great loss is upon us.

    Where will I go to eat a kosher veg version of general Tsau?


    Who cares if there were cats in the kitchen. Cats know where good food is. And they didn’t cook the cats.

  • James J Nicholson

    I loved the Greens restaurant. What a shock to see it closed. I guess all good things must eventually come to an end. Sure will miss their unique fare.