Best Pizza Open Thread

Pizza is good for you, it helps your body grow in at least 7 ways.  What's your favorite pizza in Brooklyn Heights? Are there any worthy slices to be had? 

Comment away!

Photo: Slice

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  • amy

    some would argue it’s not technically Bk Heights – but come on. It’s Grimaldi’s. There is no competition!

  • Billy Reno

    Grimaldi’s IS great! Fatoosh on Hicks bet. State and Atlantic is awesome and surprisingly cheap. I miss the hell out of Nick and Tony’s, where I now get my ATM on.

  • yo

    fascati’s on henry st.

  • EJ

    Lucali’s on Henry @ Carroll in Carroll Gardens is worth the trek

  • Chris

    This is amazing. I was literally 5 seconds ago just thinking that there should
    be a thread about this up here. Anyways here are my top pizza joints.

    1- Grimaldi’s
    2- La Traviata’s Margherita pizza is awesome
    3- Fascatti
    4- Tony’s (technically not the heights but c’mon)
    5- specialty slices at Monty’s

  • fishermb

    Fascati’s, and Front Street Pizza (though techincally just outside of BK Heights)

  • JL

    Fascati’s 1st. Grimaldi’s is very good, but IMHO, not worth it unless you can walk in and be servied, like Fascati’s. I don’t understand people waiting an hour for pizza in Brooklyn with so many alternatives to Grimaldi’s. Monty Q’s and Front St. lower on the list.

  • Jen

    Fascati’s, hands down. Better to get slices there — pies are ok when you get them delivered but not quite as delicious. Maybe it’s the reheating in the pizza oven that makes those slices so good.

  • nabeguy

    Not really fair to compare a slice joint like Fascati’s to a pie joint like Grimaldi’s, as their focus is as different as their oven types, but don’t lets get started on that debate, which has been heated and reheated forever. For slices, I think that Fascati’s is the clear winner, but then again, it’s doesn’t have much competition.
    Anybody remember the old Queen pizzeria on Court St.(not the current restaurant)? Dem wuz sum good eats.

  • JL

    Karl, thanks for bring up “Oven”, I completely forgot about it! We ate there last week and had a fantastic “Formaggi” pizza and some amazing stuff portabella mushrooms. I don’t really consider them a pizza-joint, more of a restaurant, but I guess it could go both ways. Service was good, but it did take a while for the pizza to come, about 45 minutes and it wasn’t that busy. (Worth the wait if you have the time and would like an appetizer and some wine).

  • sue

    I remembere “Queenies”, right down the block from Nick and Joe’s (not Nick and Tony’s) — it was almost Fascati-esque. Fascatis is the best, hands down!

  • MadeInBrooklyn

    fascati’s is the hand’s down best. monte’s regular pizza is awful and over-priced. for specialty pizza, fatoosh’s chicken “pitza” is fantastic. and yes, nabeguy, queen was fantastic and with quite the location (anyone remember what was next door?). nick and joe’s was great back in the mid-’80s but was nearly inedible by their close.

  • Sean

    I wish there was a caveat that the place must deliver. I’m curious to see that list. I’m new to the hood and I’ve had a hard time getting a good slice to my door at 10PM.

  • CF

    i love monty Q’s.

  • Heights97

    I miss the place that was where Corcoran is now on Montague Street. Can’t remember the name, but it was a good, greasy New York slice. Fascati is now my favorite.

    Grimaldi’s was great before it became the tourist trap that it is now. Maybe the pizza is still good (though I have heard otherwise), but I can’t put up with those lines. They give you a lot of attitude also if you try to get the pizza for takeout. Just not worth it IMO.

  • pbdotc

    i like me some pizza

  • Andrew

    If you get to Grimaldi’s at a time when they aren’t rushing, they still make a wonderful pizza. Most of the time, Grimaldi’s takes their pies out of the oven before they’re ready, so what you get is a soggy version of pizza. Not great. If they cook it correctly, it’s an excellent pizza. Unfortunately, that is a very rare occurrence.

    Fascati makes a great slice. I agree that their pies for delivery tend to fall short of the quality of slices at the restaurant, but they’re clearly the class of the neighborhood.

  • nabeguy

    MIB, if I\’m not mistaken, wasn;t it next to the movie theater that ended up a porn palace? That place was greasier than any pizza they served next door!

  • Anon

    Not even close. My Little Pizzeria blows it all away. One of the best slices I’ve ever had. Old school style.

  • Claude Scales

    Heights97 – the place that occupied part of what’s now the Corcoran offices was called John’s. No relation to the legendary John’s of the Village, but it was our favorite while it lasted.

    Anon – where is My Little Pizzaria?

  • bhb reader

    for a great slice, Fascati’s … for an individual nothing beats the olive tapenade from Heights Café in my opinion!

  • Nigel

    Anyone remember the pizza place that used to be where Iron Chef House is now?

  • Tilly

    after a long day when you come up from the subways and you ‘re famished, I must say a slice or two at Monty’s is very good.

  • lifer

    my Little is at state and court, they are fine, but their lines get long, best is to take some fresh basil they leave out (cause they got tiireed of people asking for it)… And get this… their delivery guy looks like Cliff Cavins long lost twin!…

  • Bklyn Native

    I second Loucali in Carroll Gardens (575 Henry Street). Loucali and DiFara on Ave J in Midwood are the best anywhere.

  • Henry-ette

    My vote goes to Grimaldi’s — Skip the line by calling your order in and then taking the pie to go. Fatoush wins points for convenience, though. I think it’s the best delivery in the Heights.

  • ChrisC

    Definite toss up between Fascati’s and Grimaldi’s! Especially enjoy the whole basil leaves on Grimaldi’s pies, but haven’t been able to get my foot in the door for a while…

  • Cranky

    Anon, I love My Little Pizzeria. Yum, yum , yum. It is on Court Street next to the movie theater. I like it better than Grimaldi’s but that’s just me.

  • joe

    -I find My Little Pizzeria to be on the sweet side and it has the strangest after taste but I know people who loves it.

    -I personally like Fascati by the slice the best in BH or pretty much anywhere in this area. I agree that the slice tastes much better than the pie. The guys are really nice.

    -Can’t stand Monty Q’s. Tastes like cardboard

    -Fatoosh and Tutt Cafe pizza is ok but not the type of pizza I crave most of the time.

    Outside BH area

    -I used to love Grimaldi’s and I thought it was worth the trip for a pick up but the last couple of times it was pretty bad. I hate eating there due to the wait and the really rude service so Grimaldi’s is just not worth the hassle anymore esp if their pizza is soggy and tasteless like it has been lately.

    -Sam’s on court is great. Really great NY style pizza but no slices. They don’t deliver but the guy and his dad are such characters it’s worth eating there for the entertainment.

    -Been wanting to try Lucali’s for a while. Went once couldn’t find the place. Went another time and it was closed for lunch.

  • GHB

    Homer, how about a thread on Middle Eastern food. I really miss Moroccan Star and Momantaser (sp?) Anything good nearby?