Gristedes Update

This missive reportedly from Gristedes Customer Service was posted in BHB comments yesterday:

Construction Update:
Our crews are working fast and furious to bring you an updated, full service and modern supermarket as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while we continue to push for the opening. Our newly renovated full service supermarket will include a full service Chock Full of Nuts Cafe with breakfast sandwiches and a full array of coffee selections. Our in-store bakery will feature a highly qualified baker preparing baked goods fresh daily as well as specialty cakes and pastries. Our Deli will feature a Gristedes original Mike’s Sub Shoppe with a cornucopia of fine sandwich selections. Our Deli will also feature a fresh Olive Bar, Hot Food selection, prepared Meals To-Go.

We will be having career days scheduled on 11/5 through 11/7 from 10AM thru 4PM at the store. Tables will be setup and we will be accepting applications for various store positions.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving the neighborhood with our newly renovated Supermarket.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to let us know your thoughts. We can be reached at

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  • Senor Salsa

    Cornucopia is a bold statement. Bulging horn is what I’m expecting. A bulging horn of processed meats.

  • yo

    i must say that the key food on atlantic has stepped it up of late. I had, dare I say it, a not unpleasant experience there this weekend. I like to call this phenomenon the “Trader Joe’s Effect”

  • AEB

    Good to know that there’ll be a”highly qualified baker” in the store. Those sort-of qualified bakers just don’t make it.

    As for the “fast and furious,” let’s just say that speaking empirically, that statement has not been proved.

    I DO look forward to the olive bar, though. In fact, I can’t wait to belly-up to it.

  • Hank75

    No mention of a chicken rotisserie though….. I guess an olive bar won’t burn your store down. I would have been much happier with fresh produce and unexpired milk and meat on the shelves instead of a deli counter that makes sandwiches.

  • my2cents

    Maybe they will have a Halal meat cart too!

  • AEB

    …a FULL-service halal meat cart–or, rather, cartte–with a FULL array of FULL-service meat selections, with prepared meats-to-go….

  • nabeguy

    In regards to halal at Gristedes, I’m sure the new place will probably make you want to cut your own throat. A tip to the new manager(please let there be one!)…try to remember that maintenance (mopping floors, cleaning the bathroom etc) does not end the minute the last construction worker leaves. One of the most disappointing things I remember when the “Super”Gristede’s first opened was how quickly it began to look shabby and worn.

  • AEB

    Nabeguy, inquiring mind wants to know: when DID Gristdes first arrive?

    Before the Christian Era?

  • aw

    I am sure they are hoping that all of their “valved” customers will return. Maybe we should email and tell them a good giveaway for opening day would be tire pumps!

  • nabeguy

    No, it was post-Christian…they filled the meat department with whatever they could wrestle away from the lions. Sorry, bad taste. Anyway, that’s a good question. I remember going to By George! (it’s previous incarnation) on a snowy day with my wife while we were dating, so that’s about 15 years ago. I guess it would be in the neighborhood of about 13 years back. The only way to really confirm it is to check the yogurt when it re-opens…I’m sure it wil still be from the first day.

  • Homer Fink

    I hope you’re all planning on coming to the debate tonight!

  • bornhere

    Nabeguy — The “slit your own throat” thing actually made me laugh. Anyway, before it was Gristede’s it was Sloan’s (and remember when Pineapple Walk, itself, had the store?). Also, I think it coexisted with By George, and whatever it was called didn’t have the up-the-ramp deli/drugstore section because that was By George.

  • AEB

    Ah, Nabe! Not mentioned in the Grstede’s puff-promo, but worth suggesting to them for the “new” store: an on-site Museum of Past-Sell-Date products.

    Or would that be the store itself?

  • Andrew Porter

    NabeGuy, I too remember the several times that Gristede’s was brand spanking new, then it slowly went to the dogs because they didn’t bother to maintain the place. Hope they’ve learned their lesson —but I doubt it.

    The supermarket on Pineapple Walk, where the Diner is now, was a Pioneer Supermarket, and Gristede’s (which is the corporate name — the store then was Sloan’s) bought out their lease. As I’ve noted before, somewhere, when the Pioneer was just a dirt lot, before all the stores were built, it was used as the site of a political rally in the film “Taxi Driver”, when DeNiro keeps circling, wondering whether or not to kill the mayoral candidate. The windows of the vacant store on the corner, which was first a variety mart, then Cadman Travel, and is now a soon-to-be-completed dental office, were covered with campaign posters.

    Okay, for the free trip to Guantanamo Bay (one way, no A/C, no civil rights), does anyone remember when there was a bank branch on Pineapple Walk?

  • nazimova

    as I remember it before the Diner in (1977 anyway) it was a Key I wrong then?? I don’ tremember the bank branch I do remember Sal’s where peas & pickles is then a sort of variety store the pet shop and a frame shop then Key food am I totally off?? Cadman Travel was where the Dental place is going in ..

  • nabeguy

    Hmmm., a bank branch you say. Seems somewhat familiar (although I admit I spent a good part of the late 70’s and 80’s in the city) Was it in the Heights Kids spot? Or maybe where the dojo is? And I do remember the filming of TAXI DRIVER…a freind of mine can be seen in the background bouncing a basketball. Len Harris was the ficitional candidate for mayor…anyone remember his real job?

  • bornhere

    Wasn’t it a Citibank?

  • neigh boor

    I remember a Chinese restaurant named Lottie and Jack on Clark St or perhaps Pineapple Walk (this was decades ago), and a movie theatre on Clark St.

    I remember Binkin’s books on Cadman Plaza West, even earlier.

    on a roll…..Lantern was a Chinese restaurant, much earlier it was the site of JoMel stationers, even earlier it was Silvers, acc/ to local legend.

    Looking forward to a replay of my favorite Gristedalicious experience : ball of iceberg lettuce rolling down the aisle, only to be placed back on the rack

  • bornhere

    Neigh- I think Lottie and Jack’s was actually on Henry (the east side) and that it was a seafood place; and the only theater I can remember was the old St George Playhouse, which was on Pineapple Street, just before what was still Fulton Street.

  • nabeguy

    Was Lottie and Jacks the place with a live lobster tank in the front? That, and the red leather banquettes seem a vague memory in my mind. And that there was a Chinese laundrey where Peas & Pickles now is.

  • bornhere

    Yesky, nabe.