Gristedes Ready for September?

McBrooklyn Photo

McBrooklyn Photo

McBrooklyn went on a recon mission to the fire-gutted Gristedes, came back with a photo of its gutted and cleaned out and ready for action goodness as well as a tasty factoid we think some of you will enjoy commenting upon:

Mc Brooklyn: The fire took place April 1st. Back in May, the manager said he hoped the store would reopen in July. Now, he told McBrooklyn he’s hoping for September, but no promises. One problem they ran into had to do with insurance, he said.

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  • AB

    As I believe I reported earlier, a talk with the manager several weeks ago revealed extreme iffy-ness on the subject of the store reopening in early fall.

    Or fall.

    When I said to him, I thought jokingly, “by Christmas?” he looked grim and said, “we hope so.”

  • GHB

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Gristedes opened to become the finest grocery store around? Of course, I won’t hold my breath…

  • anon

    Insurance problems?? I think it’s called insurance fraud.

  • Andrew Porter

    Photo shows the store can now boast absolutely no spoiled food or stuff past its sell-by date!

  • No One Of Consequence

    Widest shopping aisles in the tri-state area.

  • Bob Rowen

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have Whole Foods take it over?

    Or Trader Joe’s (tho are they finally underway at Atlantic and Court?)

    Or Le Pain Quotidien (tho they’d be great across the street too).

    Anyone know how to contact these people to maybe start something???

  • Peter

    The new Gristede’s will feature self-check-out, acc/ to an employee. (watch the display on the computer in the pharmacy).

    In the last days of Gristedes’ I was horrified to see a head of lettuce recumbent on the filthy floor, be put right back up on the rack. If that sensibility is continued in Gristede: The Horror Returns, I’ll check out all right.

  • Gristedes Customer Service

    Construction Update:
    Our crews are working fast and furious to bring you an updated, full service and modern supermarket as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience while we continue to push for the opening. Our newly renovated full service supermarket will include a full service Chock Full of Nuts Cafe with breakfast sandwiches and a full array of coffee selections. Our in-store bakery will feature a highly qualified baker preparing baked goods fresh daily as well as specialty cakes and pastries. Our Deli will feature a Gristedes original Mike’s Sub Shoppe with a cornucopia of fine sandwich selections. Our Deli will also feature a fresh Olive Bar, Hot Food selection, prepared Meals To-Go.

    We will be having career days scheduled on 11/5 through 11/7 from 10AM thru 4PM at the store. Tables will be setup and we will be accepting applications for various store positions.

    We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving the neighborhood with our newly renovated Supermarket.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime to let us know your thoughts. We can be reached at

  • Amy

    Even in the annex that’s open, you still have to watch the price display–invariably it doesn’t match the sticker price. That was a huge problem at the former store.