Man with Injured Dog in North Heights

From the BHB Inbox comes this dispatch from a regular at the Hillside Dog Park. Is it really a case of a man with a sick dog or something else? You decide:

Just a heads-up to everyone: I spotted a young man hanging around outside the vet’s office at Cranberry and Hicks after hours this evening (Aug. 13th).  He had a dog with him that he said needed medical attention, and asked me what other vets where nearby.  I told him that most were probably closed as it was nighttime, and he responded that he didn’t have any money anyway.  It seemed that he was looking to discard the dog somewhere in the neighborhood… So let’s all keep a look out for a possible abandoned dog (pit bull-ish, tan and white in color I believe), and also, if anyone has any suggestions regarding what to do in this situation, I’m sure we’d all welcome them.

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  • my2cents

    My girlfriend saw the man with dog too and said the situation seemed very sad and forlorn. i hope someone in this dog loving nabe was able to help out.

  • Publius

    When the report says that the dog needed medical attention: Do we know if the dog was injured or attacked by another dog, or if the dog seemed to be suffering from an ailment?

    The reason I ask is that about a year ago, I helped a young man who also couldn’t pay for medial care for his dog. He claimed that the dog had been attacked by another dog. We brought the dog to Dr. Norton on Cranberry and Hicks (who graciously reduced her normal fee for treatment).

    About two days later the same young man and same dog appeared with the dog ripped to shreds. I immediately knew that this kid was fighting his dog. I reported it to ASPCA, who investigated. The report I got back from the ASPCA is that there’s organized and semi-organized dog fighting at the Farragut Houses, and that there was an ongoing investigation.

  • Nigel

    Publius, was the dog from a year ago the one that Hillside solicited donations for when it was hurt? Such a shame how these animals are treated.

  • Ethan

    If you find the dog, check out this: