Welcome Back, Gristedes

Sure we bought our share of moldy veggies and passed-sell by date milk at the “old” Gristedes.  Yes, we may have had dark thoughts about torching the place (metaphorically of course) ourselves.  However, that evil deed was accomplished by an electrical malfunction on April Fools Day 2008.

On Friday morning (11/21) the new “improved” Gristedes on Henry and Clark will re-open with a reported VIP Party from 8am – 11am.

Godspeed Gristedes, welcome back.

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  • AEB

    Hell’s bells! If you Believe, anything can happen!

    Any coincidence, do you think, that the effort to reopen was goosed by the fact of the upcoming holiday?

    I know I’ll be doing ALL my Thanksgiving shopping at Gristedes.

    For my cats’ celebration, that is.

  • vspingola

    We liked to call it Gross-tedes. I have no doubt in my mind that they will be selling pre-fire fruits and veggies. And we should all remember that cockroaches can survive anything.

  • my2cents

    I passed by tonight and it looks pretty inviting, actually. It is way nicer than the old one, at least from the street. Too bad they filled the windows with that grooved panelling again instead of letting natural light in…oh well.

  • nancy

    vspingola has to be a rent-regulated tenant somewhere. you can always tell a sub-market renter by their positive can-do approach to life,

  • heightsman

    how long til it burns down again?

  • matt

    nancy has to be a townhouse-owner somewhere, you can always tell an “owner” by their selfish, greedy, elitist attitude!

  • Andrew Porter

    I guess “Nancy” is the new incarnation of the “rent regulated tenants are the devil’s spawn” poster who has seen everything and everyone living in the Heights through their weirdly warped little mind for a couple of years now.

    I seldom shopped at Gristede’s, but I have to admit they carried one thing no one else does in BH: Musselman’s Apple Butter. Yummmm….

  • Nancy

    I amnot the same Nancy as the one quoted above. I just came from the new Gristedes. Free coffee, free bagels with lox and cream cheese. Fruit, juice and the place is clean!! Yippee!! The staff is friendly..everyone says hello, god morning. We’ll see how long that lasts, but they have definately imporved. Nice appetizing, kosher cold cuts (which I am very thankful for) Organic produce that is not horrifically overpriced. Interesting takeout and most of all, nothing looked like it did before the fire!
    Oh, and the Chock full o’ Nuts? Best Damn Coffee I have had in years. Sorry SB.

  • HDEB

    I am a happy to have Gristedes reopened near my subsidized apartment. : )
    Sweeping judgements about groups of people reflect poorly upon those who hold such opinions.

  • GHB

    “The staff is friendly..everyone says hello, god morning. ”

    Nancy, I coulda had a free bagel and lox? I’m bummed! Why did I go to Tazza today? Anyway, they said “God morning”? Hmmm…

  • Bart

    I would imagine that the old Gristedes was mainly for those who lived in the upper Heights; certainly for the residents of those four leviathan buildings along Henry. So for those people they will probably go back to Gristedes because it is convenient. But for people who live south of Clark, I think Trader Joes has effectively and permanently siphoned those people from Gristedes.

    Even though I live on Monroe Place, I didn’t go to Gristedes often. But when I did, I bought delicious Ziegler’s Grape Juice and Musselman’s Apple Butter. Since Trader Joe’s opened, it has become our main store. Occasionally we go to Key Foods to buy Jif Peanut Butter and Thomas’ English Muffins.

    I can’t imagine the new Gristedes will replace our Saturday morning shopping at Trader Joe’s. But when I finish the two jars of Jif that are in the cupboard, I just might consider a walk through.



    Just came back from our new and improved Gristedes. I was a skeptic at first — but did they blow me away.

    It’s a shame about the fire, but my…. what grand heights the phoenix has risen!

  • Nancy

    “God morning”
    Wow, people can’t even have a typo anymore? Maybe we are getting a little too snarky here?

  • GHB

    I wouldn’t bother with just any typo (I make ’em too!), but yours became religious…

  • Nancy


  • since47

    The new Gristede’s is definitely not the pre-fire Gristede’s, but much more upscale. I went in this afternoon just for a ‘walk-around,’ and was very surprised. The layout makes it seem twice the size and I felt like I was outside the city. Everything was clean, with new lighting and not that harsh, turn-your-face-blue fluorescent. The coffee and the fresh-baked counter made it feel very inviting and good moods abounded. Sure things could change, but for now, it’s lovely. Stop in and take a look. I hope I have no typos in this…

  • E G

    $5.49 for a pint of Haagen Dazs, purchased anywhere else from bodega to supermarket for not more than $4.99.

    I am happy it is not a convenient supermarket for me as I live on the other side of the heights.