Speak Your Mind: Does Hillary Really “Heart” NY?

Three words that go together as much as “economy, fundamentals and strong” … “Hillary, Clinton and Diplomat.”

Once upon a time, there was a radio talk show host in Albany, NY who was appalled at the thought of the then-First Lady being anointed the next US Senator by the Democratic Party. So, given the chance to interview her in that campaign season, the host asked Mrs. Clinton three simple New York questions. If she could answer two out of the three, he would be satisfied.

The questions: 1) What is in an Egg Cream? 2) What is a Spedie? 3) Where was the chicken wing invented as a bar food? You see, to the talk show host, if you didn’t know that there was no egg in an Egg Cream, that a Spedie was meat on a stick with “State Fair” Italian dressing, and that Frank and Theresa invented the wing at their Anchor Bar in Buffalo, you had no business running for US Senate from the Empire State. Hillary walked out on the interview. How diplomatic!

So here we are just weeks away from Barack Obama taking the oath of office, and it occurs to me that Hillary Clinton would prefer to do anything other than represent the people of New York. After all, she’s been running for President since she was elected to the US Senate in 2000.

Losing to Obama, she is now trying to weasel her way in as Secretary of State. Does she hate New York THAT much? What is wrong with representing the Empire State in Congress? I guess it just never fit with her career path.

Ironically, if Hillary had better judgment, she would have gone back to Illinois, one of her many birthplaces, and run for US Senate there. Had she done so, instead of forcing herself on New York, there never would have been a Barack Obama! How ironic.

Looking back on Hillary Clinton’s record, you have to wonder what Obama is thinking. Through her words and deeds, Sen. Clinton has never shown herself to be a diplomat. Whether it’s her claim of dodging bullets in Croatia, or her past associations with elements of the PLO, she is hardly qualified to be our Secretary of State. Not to mention her completely wrong support of the war in Iraq! Her Iraq position versus Obama’s was one of the main reasons for Obama’s victory in the primaries.

As for diplomacy, her record is deplorable. Have Obama’s people, who ran a brilliant, smart campaign, all of a sudden gone stupid? Is the President-elect one of those people who is “book-smart” but has no “street savvy?” During the campaign, she told 60 Minutes, that, “as far as I know, he is not a Muslim.” On the trail she shrilled, “Shame on you Barack Obama,” accusing him of plagiarism. “Change you can Xerox,” she charged at a debate. Well, at least she got a plug in there for a Rochester-based company.

Hillary Clinton’s lack of diplomacy was clearly exposed during her tenure as First Lady. Hubby Bill put her in charge of reforming health care. Her way of going about this was to threaten Congressional Democrats who didn’t follow her lead. She would not compromise with then-Senator George Mitchell. She refused the advice of her predecessor in the Senate seat she now holds, the late-Daniel Patrick Moynihan. The bill failed because of her lack of diplomacy.

And now Obama wants to anoint her to the position of Secretary of State.

Forget the vetting process; forget Bill Clinton’s dealings with foreign governments. Forget her 18 million votes in the primaries. This is not an issue of Obama stacking his government with Clintonites. We are in dangerous times. Now is not the time to screw around with the Peter Principle and promote Hillary to a position for which she is completely ill-suited – our #1 Diplomat to the world.

At the 1984 Democratic Convention, acknowledging defeat, Jesse Jackson famously said: “We won it in the streets, but lost it in the suites.” For those of us who volunteered, contributed and voted for Barack Obama, it looks like we’ll be saying the same soon enough.

Hillary, if you really want to do something else other than represent New York State in the US Senate, then please, go do something else.

To paraphrase The Monkees song, “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone!”

Howie Greene was born in Brooklyn just in time to watch the Dodgers pack up and move to Los Angeles. Currently involved in real estate, Howie was part of the management team for The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, traveling the world with him. Howie spent 2 years working on cruise ships and has literally “sailed the seven seas.” He’s hosted radio shows in Washington, D.C., New York City, Denver, Los Angeles and Buffalo. And yes, Marty Connor was once his landlord.
Howie will be one of the many colorful voices at The Brooklyn Bugle… coming soon.

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  • Monty

    I’m sorry, I thought I was on Brooklyn Heights Blog, but this is apparently Fox News. Or possibly the New York Post.

  • DB

    Concerns about Clinton’s management style, Bill’s dealings, and her pro-war shenanigans were a big part of the reason Obama won the early primaries, and in consequence, the nomination and presidency. (Or, put another way, “Change.”)

    Dance with them what brung you, Mr. President Elect. Samatha Power for Sec. of State!

  • nancy

    How many people have to drop dead in order for the Secretary of State to become President? That is the question I would be asking if I worked for Obama.

  • my2cents

    I think Obama offering her the job is a strategic move. If he leaves her out of the cabinet she will spend the next 4 years undermining him so she can run against him for the nomination if things don’t go well (chances are they won’t given that we are circling the proverbial bowl right now). If she is in the cabinet she becomes a stakeholder in making the Obama administration a success, therefore disarming her political threat. It is a case of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer. That said, I think she is a smart capable woman, and I think she can do at least as good a job as Condi Rice who had no diplomatic background either. And to be frank, Rice is the only person in Bush’s cabinet right now who is doing a good job.

  • nancy

    She’s ready, rested, and has a lot of luggage.

  • No One Of Consequence

    She’s a total phony and only came to NY to platform to the presidency.
    Why she was greeted so warmly and won the vote I will never understand.
    Were here ulterior motives not clear?

    Presidential line of succession:
    Vice President and President of the Senate
    Speaker of the House of Representatives
    President pro tempore of the Senate
    Secretary of State

    If she gets the appointment, families of the other 4 would be wise to take out additional life insurance policies.

    Thank you for your scathing article. Finally something sensible from the left.

  • E G

    The good news (IMHO) is that it will vacate the senate seat for a real New Yorker such as Nydia Velasquez.

  • T.K. Small

    I have never been a Clinton fan. So the idea of bringing her into the Obama fold automatically makes me uncomfortable. But the position that I would have offered her would have been Secretary of Health and Human Services. Given her alleged interest in addressing the health care crisis, this was giving her an opportunity to do something with a real impact. Also, the idea of Clinton being given responsibility in the main area that proved to be her biggest failure (supporting the war) seems strange.

    In a recent conversation with some friends, we also speculated that Velasquez could be her replacement.

  • roccos

    So because you were born in NY makes you own it? I don’t think so. This isn’t china, people relocate every day. Its a good thing. Too long in one place (an entire lifetime??) narrows one’s field of vision IMO

  • No One Of Consequence

    I might have felt slightly different had the Clintons been living in NY prior to the senate seat becoming available, but they obviously moved here to get the seat (I suppose _technically_ they did live here before the vote, but I think you know what I mean).

  • Nancy

    I think if Hillary becomes SOS it would be a big win for NYS.
    We get her out of our hair and a real New Yorker like
    Nydia Velazquez (that’s right, she’s not from Kansas or Cape Cod) would represent us in the Senate. We have a big Hispanic population here. She should get the seat.

  • hoppy

    An interesting question might be who should (or who would everyone like to see) take Nydia’s seat in Congress if she were picked as Senator?

  • Nance

    Well, it would have to be a Brooklynite of course……who is that former Schumer aide?………Yaskey? I think he would be a shoe-in.

  • mrs. fink

    Go Howie.