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Marty’s Funny… Funny How?

(Note: This article is meant to be read with a nice glass of chianti and maybe a calzone…a little Sinatra music wouldn’t hurt.) Okay, I’m gonna try and avoid as many Goodfellas/Sopranos/Godfather references here as I can, but what is up with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and “this thing of ours?” As reported yesterday […]

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Speak Your Mind: Does Hillary Really “Heart” NY?

Three words that go together as much as “economy, fundamentals and strong” … “Hillary, Clinton and Diplomat.” Once upon a time, there was a radio talk show host in Albany, NY who was appalled at the thought of the then-First Lady being anointed the next US Senator by the Democratic Party. So, given the chance […]

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Sen. Squadron and the Tomb of Old Republicans

It’s morning in Albany.   A chilly, crisp January morning in a city even more dreary than William Kennedy could ever possibly describe in his many novels about this cesspool of a capital city. There’s a reason why they say the best thing about Albany is its equal proximity to Boston and New York City. […]

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