Sen. Squadron and the Tomb of Old Republicans

It’s morning in Albany.   A chilly, crisp January morning in a city even more dreary than William Kennedy could ever possibly describe in his many novels about this cesspool of a capital city. There’s a reason why they say the best thing about Albany is its equal proximity to Boston and New York City.

Ty Pennington of ABC’s Extreme Makeover pulls up in a bus with his team of designers. They tip-toe out of the bus in that annoyingly cutesy way where they make believe the residents of the decrepit home they are about to tear down have no idea they’ve arrived.

They’re in front of the New York State Senate Chamber Ty takes out his bullhorn and screams: “Goooooood Morning Dean Skelos! Serph Maltese! Frank Padavan and the rest of the State Senate GOP…get out here! And bring Marty Connor with you!”

At that moment, at that very moment, the State Senate Democrats do what they haven’t done in 43 years…OWN the Senate Chamber! And I would love to be there to help move out the Senate Republicans, tear down their cubicles with a bulldozer and watch the Senate Dems move in.

A little “extreme” you might say? Well, consider this. For the past 43 freakin’ years, Senate Democrats and its hard-working staff has been relegated to third-world nation status. As a former staffer in the 1980’s for then-Senate Minority Leader Fred Ohrenstein, I was eyewitness to the humiliation and torture by our state government’s version of Abu Gharib.

Whether it was office supplies, internet access or even where you stood in the Senate Chamber, everything was controlled by the Senate Republicans. It was so bad, that they used to make us hunch over and hide in a huge, old fireplace in the Chamber during session if we wanted to participate in our government-in-action.

Okay, so what does this have to do with Senator-elect Daniel Squadron? Nothing really. I was just celebrating. But Squadron is in a unique position to be the most productive individual to represent Brooklyn Heights since Emily Roebling finished up The Great Bridge for hubby.

Of course, being more productive than Marty Connor only requires waking up in the morning. But with the new Senate Majority and his close relationship with Chuck Schumer, Danny Boy will climb the Albany political ladder faster than a Dekalb Avenue rat avoiding the Coney Island-bound Q train.

The incoming Democrat majority is busy fighting with each other over power. Squadron will have to pick a side. Should he go with current Senate Minority Leader and Gov. Paterson protégé, Malcolm Smith? Or should he go with the insurgent Sen. Jeff Klein who has curiously aligned himself with the Latin Kings of the Senate Dems who are demanding power?

He will no doubt lean on his mentor, Schumer, for advice. Oh, what a great time to be an incoming State Senate Democrat! If Squadron is smart, and of course, he is, he will wield immediate clout in the new majority irregardless of which side, the Jets or the Sharks, he chooses. After all, he’s Chuck’s boy. And Chuck, with his own November victories in the U.S. Senate races, is now the most powerful boychik in all the land. He can bring home all sorts of Kosher pork for the State Senate Democrat majority. And make no mistake…they will be licking Chuck’s penny loafers any chance they get. So be assured…no matter who comes away as Majority Leader, they are NOT going to want to piss off Squadron!
Brooklyn Heights, get your pork orders in now! There will be plenty for everybody! What a deal…not only did you get rid of Marty Connor, but you elected an immediate power broker to bring home all sorts of goodies to the district.

On his webpage, Daniel Squadron promises “to be different. To fight special interests. To work across the aisle. To be independent.” Are you crazy, man? After 30 years of Connor, now is not the time to fight the system.

Because you IS the system now!

Howie Greene was born in Brooklyn just in time to watch the Dodgers pack up and move to Los Angeles.  Currently involved in real estate, Howie was part of the management team for The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, traveling the world with him. Howie spent 2 years working on cruise ships and has literally “sailed the seven seas.” He’s hosted radio shows in Washington, D.C., New York City, Denver, Los Angeles and Buffalo. And yes, Marty Connor was once his landlord.
Howie will be one of the many colorful voices at The Brooklyn Bugle… coming soon.

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  • my2cents

    ugh. this article points out all the reasons against electing Squadron. A wet behind the ears guy who has good intentions, but is ultimately beholden to his powerful patrons, not to his own ideology. I am glad to see the Republicans ousted too, but this article encourages the Democrats to emulate their bad behavior.

  • Publius

    Agreed, this article is cynical in the extreme. Not to mention the lame metaphors.

    I hope Squadron follows his own voice (with a little help from Chuck), and eschews all the internal battles and petty politics that has made NYS’s legislature the most dysfunctional in the nation.

  • nicky 215

    I know Daniel Squadron and he has a moral center. He is a realist- but a decent realist. The writer of this article should give him a chance to prove himself to be the decent person he is.

  • Howie Greene

    Folks, is there somewhere in here where I said that Sen.-elect Squadron isn’t a decent and/or smart and/or good guy? Did I intimate that he was immoral?

    What I was attempting to say is that he is about to enter a tomb that is about as movable as the Queen Mary in drydock. Woops, there I go with the lame metaphors again :)
    The premise being that he is immediately in a position of pretty decent power going in. But remember that his mentor, like Anthony Weiner, is Chuck Schumer. So, future reporters from The Brooklyn Bugle better get used to covering Sunday press conferences come January.

  • TK Small

    Sorry to be a stickler. There is no such word as “irregardless.” Otherwise this is an interesting editorial. I especially agree with your characterization and imagery about Albany. It is a dreadful place!