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James Brown Gets His Way

This could just be Mike Bloomberg’s way of ingratiating himself to African-Americans. The move comes just in time for Barack Obama’s inauguration and the mayor’s ridiculous run for a third term. It has been announced that the street behind Harlem’s Apollo Theater is now officially “James Brown Way.” It’s a good spot. It’s West 126th […]

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Marty’s Funny… Funny How?

(Note: This article is meant to be read with a nice glass of chianti and maybe a calzone…a little Sinatra music wouldn’t hurt.) Okay, I’m gonna try and avoid as many Goodfellas/Sopranos/Godfather references here as I can, but what is up with Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and “this thing of ours?” As reported yesterday […]

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Fun Turkey Day Game: “Who Wants To Be A U.S. Senator?”

For my money, there is only one thing better than “Autumn in New York” and that is “Thanksgiving in Brooklyn!” Where else in real or fake America can you enjoy any number of cultures and ethnicities celebrating Turkey Day in their own special way. Share this Story: Tweet

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Speak Your Mind: Does Hillary Really “Heart” NY?

Three words that go together as much as “economy, fundamentals and strong” … “Hillary, Clinton and Diplomat.” Once upon a time, there was a radio talk show host in Albany, NY who was appalled at the thought of the then-First Lady being anointed the next US Senator by the Democratic Party. So, given the chance […]

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Sen. Squadron and the Tomb of Old Republicans

It’s morning in Albany.   A chilly, crisp January morning in a city even more dreary than William Kennedy could ever possibly describe in his many novels about this cesspool of a capital city. There’s a reason why they say the best thing about Albany is its equal proximity to Boston and New York City. […]

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