Fun Turkey Day Game: “Who Wants To Be A U.S. Senator?”

For my money, there is only one thing better than “Autumn in New York” and that is “Thanksgiving in Brooklyn!”

Where else in real or fake America can you enjoy any number of cultures and ethnicities celebrating Turkey Day in their own special way.

You can start your Thursday morning watching the parade on HDTV with your neighbors in the Heights; head on over for drinks with your co-workers in Ft. Greene; stop at Junior’s and pick up a cheesecake to bring to your Russian friends in Brighton Beach and then head on over to the family in Bensonhurst for some turkey, prosciutto and melon and rum balls for dessert!

One of the fun topics of discussion this Thanksgiving will no doubt be the probable appointment of our junior Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State by President-elect Obama. So, who will replace our Hillary? Who is on your short list?
People love lists. So, here is a fun game to play with your friends, family and colleagues before, during or after your feast…”Who Wants To Be A US Senator?”

Here’s my list. Your comments and additions are most welcome. We will pass on your list to Gov. David Patterson for his review.

Gov. David Patterson: Why not? He already has legislative experience having spent more than two decades in the State Senate, some of them as Minority Leader. Plus, who wants to deal with the financial headache that is about to debilitate the State? As Governor, Patterson can appoint himself and leave the mess behind that Client #9 plopped in his lap.

Pres. Bill Clinton: It’s been done before. Following his defeat at the hands of Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams left the Presidency and served 17 years in the House of Representatives. Further, since 1923, 44 women have replaced their spouses in Congress, so there is precedent. But Clinton would be the first male spouse to replace his wife. The ex-Prez could break a new glass ceiling for MEN! All of the other Bubba possibilities of him serving in the Congress is left to your imagination.

Rep. Louise Slaughter, (D-Rochester): Louise has been a Congresswoman from Western NY for decades and has a great reputation on both sides of the aisles. Replacing Hillary would not only satisfy the “filling the seat with a woman” crowd, but like Hillary, Louise is not a native-New Yorker. She hails from the Blue Grass State – Kentucky.

Mayor Byron Brown, Buffalo: His name is being floated for, as far as I can tell, one reason. After several terms as a do-nothing State Senator, Brown has now spent a term as a do-nothing Mayor. We are supposedly in a “post-racial” America, but let’s face it — Mayor Brown is on everyone’s short list because of color.

If that’s the case:

Rep. Nydia Velasquez, D-New York: First elected in 1992, Congresswoman Velasquez is highly qualified to take Hillary’s place. She’s a former NYC Councilwoman and a college professor. If, as some suggest, this seat has to go to a minority candidate, then Velazquez, Puerto Rican Catholic Woman with REAL credentials is seemingly THE choice.

Judith Regan, Publisher, Talk Show Host: Full disclosure – a friend of mine and her former producer. However, Judith, aside from fitting the “replace a woman with a woman” criteria, is a hugely successful businesswoman who made gazillions of dollars for Harper Collins before she was railroaded by Rupert Murdoch. Let’s face it, Judith knows how to run a business and make money. To paraphrase the late James Brown, “Judith Don’t Take No Mess.” She beat back Murdoch, Roger Ailes, cross-dressing Rudy Guiliani and his shady cop commish Bernie Kerik.  She’s my dark horse candidate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Howie Greene was born in Brooklyn just in time to watch the Dodgers pack up and move to Los Angeles. Currently involved in real estate, Howie was part of the management team for The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, traveling the world with him. Howie spent 2 years working on cruise ships and has literally “sailed the seven seas.” He’s hosted radio shows in Washington, D.C., New York City, Denver, Los Angeles and Buffalo. And yes, Marty Connor was once his landlord.
Howie will be one of the many colorful voices at The Brooklyn Bugle… coming soon.

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  • Buffalo resident

    That’s a bit harsh on Mayor Brown. He’s has gotten praise both sides of the aisles which you mentioned for Louise Slaughter but not Mayor Brown. And with Buffalo having a long string of “making it worst” to “do nothing” mayors, I’ll assure that Mayor Brown is not that category. He really is a smart person who has shown proven real world results for Buffalo’s taxpayers and with little to no help from the rest of the state or federal gov. Just because his father was famous and he hasn’t been positioning himself for over a decade to be in the US senate and if he did run, he wouldn’t get money, endorsements and support need to win but have nothing to do with being a senator yet out of all of them, Mayor Brown is my pick any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  • my2cents

    Judith Regan???? Are you off your rocker?
    I have two letters and a word for you “OJ Book.” Anyone who would even associate with that whole situation has no moral compass and no chance of making it through an election. Also, regarding Bernard Kerik, I believe the correct term is that she “beat him off” rather than “beating him back.” Fuggedaboutit.
    She’s got more skeletons than Greenwood cemetery.

  • E G

    Rep. Nydia Velasquez is my pick. I don’t care about her minority status. She’s is super smart and has a cute little ass.

    Joking of course. She’s not that smart.

  • berkeley

    Term limits be damned! In lieu of any more rumors of a mayoral run, let’s see “Mr. Markowitz Goes To Washington”. With Schumer in the lead dog position, the junior Senator will never be much more than a ceremonial post, especially with a Democratic majority in the chamber. Sounds like the perfect job description for our BP. So, go for it, Dave. Send a nice Jewish boy to Washington — his mother would be so proud. Plus, Marty will certainly liven up the musical programming for “A Capitol Fourth” each July!

  • Buffalo resident

    Totally concur about Byron Brown and really hope he gets picked. He’s a Queens native who has lived in Buffalo since high school and got a degree from Harvard and has been involved in state and municipal government for decades and he is also a political ally of both David Paterson and Andrew Cuomo (a rare position).

  • Howie Greene

    HARVARD? Okay, I don’t know what Byron Brown you’re talking about, but the Byron I’m referring to, the one who’s Mayor of Buffalo, graduated from Buffalo State College. I know, I was there with him. I remember when he hosted a late night love songs show on WBNY. Although I failed to see that mentioned in his bio.

  • Nance

    ‘my2cents’ gets best quip in show.
    paterson has to pick velazquez, i mean, how many hispanic people live in nys? way more than the entire population of buffalo. anyway, it sounds like buffalo needs brown to stay where he is. i like nydia, she was a college prof. like me.

  • ABC

    it will be that annoying cuomo

  • Nance

    That cuomo is so annoying I agree.
    Paterson could pick him in order to get rid of him from albany (who could blame him?) but I don’t think Andy wants to go to the senate and play nice with the other boys and girls. unfortunately for us (ominous music) I think he wants to be mayor. sigh.

  • Claude Scales

    Howie: Mayor Brown, who has dual BAs in journalism and political science from Buffalo State, much later completed a certificate program for senior public administrators at Harvard’s JFK School of government. See here.

  • http://BrooklynHeightsBlog Karl

    Certificate program at Harvard’s JFK program is a joke. My roommate has the same certificate. Looks good on resume, I presume.

    Even thjis jerk go a degree form that program:

    Bill O’Reilly later earned a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University and another Master of Public Administration from Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government.

    Again, looks great on resume but not competitive to get accepted.

  • Buffalo Boy

    Regarding Byron Brown,

    He is mediocre. He was elected in Buffalo because he is black. He has accomplished little.

    He has a certificate from the Kennedy School. This certificate is offered to _any_ public official who wishes to get one. It is a joke.

    Bill O’Reilly, referenced above, has a Masters of Public Admin. from the Kennedy school. This is a legitimate degree from one of the top 3 MPA programs in the country. I hate the man, but that degree is solid.

    If the Governor wishes to consider upstate, (which he should) he should look closely at Louise Slaughter and Brian Higgins. Both are exceptional.

  • The Rooster

    The fact of the matter is that this was a political hit job orchestrated by Hillary Clinton to up-end Rudi G.’s campaign. Rose Gill Hearn, a lawyer and Hillary supporter and head of the N.Y. City Dept. of Investigation (DOI), engaged in a conspiracy which included attempting to compel an agency investigator, a 27-year veteran of the DOI to testify against Kerik. She fired the guy after he refused to testify that Kerik got a gift. According to the federal complaint filed by Michael Caruso in the Southern District (docket no. 06-5997), Gill-Hearn’s First Deputy Commissioner of DOI and an Assistant District Attorney, told Caruso to testify falsely to the Grand Jury, stating, “Remember Kerik vouched for Larry Ray at the Walker’s meeting and everything will be O.K.,” even though Caruso had informed Arsenault on March 20, 2006, that he could not truthfully testify that Kerik vouched for Larry Ray at the Walker’s meeting. (Complaint, ¶¶ 21-22). More bad democrat hits and a foolish public buying into the NY Press which is a shill for the leftists who run the city. Shame on you folks read Caruso’s complaint!