With Gristedes Closed, Is Peas and Pickles Shaking Brooklyn Heights Down?

For the record, we like the the Peas and Pickles on Henry Street.  Their fruit and vegetables are usually fresh and the staff are pretty nice.   Usually their prices, like most bodegas in the city, are a little higher than the average supermarket.

However, since the fire that shut down the Henry Street Gristedes next door, we’ve noticed that our PP bill has gotten much higher.  Have you noticed that as well? We haven’t been jotting down prices item by item (yet) but if you have feel free to comment here.

Also, McBrooklyn is claiming that Gristedes will not reopen until July.

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  • nabeguy

    Not for nothing, but I posted about this same issue back on 4/10 when I queried P&P’s price of $1.59 for a quart of milk which is almost %15 more than Gristedes’ at $1.39 which was higher still than CVS’s at $1.29. Is this a brand-loyalty issue and is Welsh Farms really better than any other milk?

  • No One Of Consequence

    Gristede’s has moved the dairy cases that were obscuring the replaced windows along Pineapple Walk. Looks like the whole place is being gutted… shelves and all. Take a look before they paper it up (I’ll try to remember to take a pic this afternoon).
    Would be nice if they took advantage of the window exposure and not block it out again.

  • GHB

    I bought a half gallon of milk at P & P for $2.79. Han’s (next to Clark Street station) charges $3.00!

  • beth

    I was livid after I got charged $2.79 for a QUART of milk at Peas and Pickles last week. It took me a few days to realize that the new guy had made a mistake and thought I was buying half and half (similar container color). I was practically on the phone with the Milk Price Gouging Law people when I figured it out.

    Though I’ve had multiple troubles with P&P I would still shop there over Gristedes ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. I really hope they’re not gouging.

  • Dan

    Just bought spoiled milk (ultrapasteurized, skim) there this week. First time I had bought milk there, and I know that can happen anywhere, but it’s probably the last time I’ll buy milk from them…

  • Joe

    Being a sporadic customer I’m not sure if they are or not but could it be just a general hike in prices? I noticed the restaurants & groceries i frequent have all raised prices for certain items like grain and dairy.

  • Teddy

    Every night I hear on the news that food prices are going up. Of course it’s possible that some places are taking advantage and raising their prices more than they should.

  • anon

    Heard a rumor from a reliable nabe source that Gristedes was behind on paying its rent. The rumor isn’t too shocking or well-grounded (get it?), just saying.

  • V

    Dan, that’s a shame. FWIW I’ve bought milk at P&P in deliberate preference to Gristede’s specifically because it seemed to stay fresh longer.

  • Dan

    Thanks V – good to know others haven’t had a problem. To be honest, I usually take a drive down to Fairway, but I know that’s not an option for everyone. In a pinch, though, I’ll try P+P again.

  • Reality

    peas and pickels has raised their prices on staples. If its due to the increase in food prices or taking advantage of its competition closing, I’m not sure.

  • Poulenc

    Off topic, but why-oh-why does/did P an P, and the once-and-future Gristedes, smell so…uninviting?

    I know: disinfectant; freezer and other cases emitting ancient effluvia; fruit-kept-too-long in the fridge odor…


    This is a rhetorical question.

    I guess.

  • David

    Even before the Gristedes fire, P&P had raised prices on bananas, Portuguese whole wheat rolls, and hummus — and almost certainly other items.

    On a few occasions in the past P&P has gotten the total wrong–which I attribute to haste, sleepiness, or guessing–and always, it seemed, the error disadvantaged me. I received an actual receipt there the other week, and I hope they continue that practice.

    I do cherish them, as they are the only real twenty-four hour grocery around.

  • http://www.steev.org Steve

    Hey, that’s me in that photograph! Aren’t I totally handsome?

    Toot toot!

  • NM

    I noticed brand bright new red price tags on all of the merchandise following the fire. Usually they are half covered in dust

  • just me

    Did you know that the city states that if you are paying more than $4.00 for a gallon of milk you should call 311 and report them.

  • merida

    I purchased at P&P a pack of tallhouse cookies & they were stale. I took it back and and they were very nice & replaced it. The problem there was that the replacement was stale also.

    I also bought last season from them a box of crackers that had little flour bugs in them. I dont have to much of a choice since there are not to many store around the close area. So I know I will go again. Most of the time I try to go to Key food.

  • Beavis

    Price check:

    Cubed procutto ham at Peas & Pickles: $5.99
    Same exact item at Fairway: $1.79