Brooklyn Heights Gristedes: The Day After

Clean up work began this morning at the Henry Street Gristedes store, which was damaged by yesterday's late afternoon fireUnion reps confirm with Brownstoner BHB's report that the fire started with an electrical malfunction in the store's deli section. More photos of the aftermath after the jump.


Flickr photo by ryleysar

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  • rubydoo

    Why do I have the feeling that half the stuff in that picture will be back on sale if they re-open?

  • No One Of Consequence


  • HDEB

    The stuff in the pharmacy section looks fine and I’d buy it at full price.

  • nabeguy

    Chances are good that this store, like most retail outfits, was underinsured for it’s stock, so it’s a pretty good bet that they’ll hire a clean-up crew to dust off most of what’s in there and offer it as new, especially the canned goods. Anyone for pre-heated peas and carrots?

  • Sarah

    These images really frighten me…we need to boycott.

  • weegee

    As with any fire in a restaurant or food-vending establishment, Department of Health was notified while the fire operations were still ongoing; there will be some oversight as regards what can and can’t be sold.

    Meanwhile, I have to wonder what ever happened to that lone, vintage 1970s Clairol Herbal Essence bottle that appeared on the shelf a few years ago. I should’ve bought it when I saw it — the same type of bottle is going on eBay now for $85:

  • peppermint

    Haha! I bought that bottle! There were two bottles actually and I bought them both for $5 each. I sold them both on ebay for $65 each! That’s so funny!

  • weegee

    Peppermint –

    Wowww…how the heck did they ring it up, or did you broker a cash deal in the back office?

  • peppermint

    I negotiated with the vaguely bewildered cashier. I actually thought I was getting ripped off as the first bottle I bought was just because I thought it was weird and I might, MIGHT be able to sell it on ebay for a little more $. It wasn’t until I actually researched past sales and found that there was a real demand for old bottles that I knew I could make some serious cash. My first bottle sold for $65 to a woman in Canada who’s ebay history was only old Clairol bottles of this kind. Turns out that people are OBSESSED with the smell of the shampoo and they actually use it! It has nostalgic value for them. The buyer asked me if I had any more bottles so I went back to Gristedes and managed to find one more bottle! I sold that to another buyer for around the same price. This must have been around ’04 or so. I was recent college grad at the time so it seriously helped pay some bills!

  • weegee

    I always wondered what the story of that bottle was. Old Sloan’s stock that carried over to Gristede’s? It had to have lived in the basement, as the pharmacy section was the Italian restaurant when Sloan’s was there.

    It almost beat the “wow, they still make that?” thrill that used to be Barney’s on Court Street.