Is Brooklyn Heights Out to Get Tina?

Blogger The Only Livin’ Girl in New York is convinced that Brooklyn Heights is out to get her or she’s cursed or both.  Whether it’s a recalcitrant bartender at the Henry St. Ale House or an overzealous manicurist she’s been having a rough time in the nabe:

Only Livin’ Girl in New York: My suspicions began about a month and a half ago when I wandered into my favorite neighborhood pub, The Henry Street Ale House. I was a bit tired from a long Ultimate Frisbee game and ready to hunker down with a beer and draft out a few ideas I’d drummed up on the A-train during my trip home.

I plopped down on my favorite bar stool and noticed there was obviously a new tender poorin’ the Ale. Usually Pete says, “hey Tina the IPA?” and I say “yep, and a pen please“. And he complies and I over-tip…Pete’s not the warmest man on the planet but I’ve won him over a bit and so he treats me right.

So, this night I plopped down on my favorite stool, (the place was virtually empty) and I waited for a solid seven-ish minutes while the new guy chatted with some other servers. Finally he came over…

I’ll have the Stone IPA, a water with no ice and a pen please
no pen” he says
huh? No pen? What do you mean no pen?
I don’t have a pen.”
really? you don’t have a pen?”
I don’t have a pen I’m going to give you.”
what? are you serious? You have no extra pens layin’ around?”

He leaves and pours my beer..delivers it and still no pen.
if I gave everyone who asked for one, I wouldn’t have any pens left” he says

I glance around the bar…making a clear but unspoken point about its obvious emptiness.
*he sighs*
you must be new” I remark
why because I won’t give you a pen?”
no… because I come here frequently and Pete would give me a pen and Cyril would give me a pen…”

he sighs again and leavesand returns with a pen*

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  • ABC

    file under: First World Problem

  • yo

    i love the ale house, but i will say that the service at the bar can be frosty…

  • AliG

    Tina, I hear you..
    Whenever I stop by Pete is never there..and if he isn’t there I don’t go in. HSA completely sucks now, the service at the bar is beyond crappy.
    The last time I went it, the bartender mumbled, had to ask him what he said three times..took forever to bring our beer (and the place was empty) and he had some godawful music cranking.

  • R

    The last time I was there (Aug. 2 or so) they called last call at midnight…on a Saturday. From my seat by the front window I counted 12 people who tried to get in to drink in the 15 mins after they locked the doors.

    But I must ask – what is her deal with the pen? If she needs a pen every time she arrives at the bar, and the lack of pen is so upsetting to her she’d feel the need to whine to the world about it…maybe it is time for her to bring her own.

  • lifer

    Lee has just started working there after a 5 or so year hiatus (from that bar), I am sure he is not one of the people everyone’s talking about, check him this week, weds and thurs nite, you wont be disappointed. And yeah, you’re a writer?, you should have tools of the trade handy.

  • my2cents

    It hasn’t been the same since Ashley left. Not only was she absolutely beautiful, she was a really good waitress….sigh…

  • lifer

    Ashley, Shea, and Jack “Daniels” were all great, Jack is now at Hecho En Dumbo..Lee was there when they all first started..

  • No One Of Consequence

    It’s a bar, not Staples. Get your own pen.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Don’t know what she’s complaining about.
    She has this listed as something she has learned here.
    “No one has sympathy – they’ve all been through it and worse.”

  • Tina

    OK OK – you’re right…I’ll carry a pen.
    (ps: I still love this neighborhood – they can’t get rid of me THAT easily)
    Although I may not be welcomed at the henry any time soon. :(

  • Just a Neighbor

    Go see Rob, he’s usually there Sundays and is very friendly.

  • Sean

    Never trust a bar that serves too much food. The patrons have their priorities out of wack.

    I miss Buck’s Lodge.

  • my2cents

    The Ale house has really great food at reasonable prices though! It is one of the few places I can afford to eat at regularly, as opposed to a splurge like Henry’s End. Thank God for the Ale House’s kitchen!

  • AliG

    Isn’t Buck’s Lodge being turned into a pizza joint?
    Lee at Henry St. Ale House, is that the same Lee who co-owned Magnetic Field?

  • Teddie Boy Eddie


    Yep, it’s that Lee.

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    Oh, and she should carry her own pen if she needs one every time she sits in the bar. Duh.

  • Mr. Lee

    i will indeed be back at the alehouse this week and will do my best to have an extra pen or two handy, though no promises as there is a recent shortage due to rising oil prices.

    btw, that wasn’t me saying no to the pen or mumbling, though it could’ve been me playing music that wasn’t to your liking… remember, “one man’s sushi is another man’s bait!”

  • Tina wasn’t EVERY TIME…just once or twice…

  • AliG

    Lee, it totally wasn’t you! And if I’d known you were back I’d have looked for you… However, you might want to stick your boot up that guy’s @ss. ; )

  • Mr. Lee

    i guess i should’ve used one of those emoticons the kids use these days to show that the “oil shortage” comment was a joke!

    tina, come on back to the alehouse… sounds like we owe you a beer!

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    You’re such a softy, Lee. ;>

  • mara

    i’ll lend you a pen tina :)

  • nabeguy

    Sorry, but Jen Lancaster whines much better than this….

  • eric

    At least she has good taste in beer…