Yup, It’s a Pet Store at 57 Clark Street

As BHB newshounds said a couple of weeks ago, a pet store is coming to 57 Clark Street.  NYCPET posted a sign today announcing an arrival in August.  The chain has four other outlets in Brooklyn.

Photo: Qfwfq

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  • beth


  • jen


  • nabeguy

    What does that make now, four in the neighborhood? And we can’t even get a decent supermarket. Jeez, BH is going to the dogs!

  • Bee Heights


  • Hank75

    Wonderful, our pets have more neighborhood dining options then their owners do.

  • JGM

    Not sure, but some of the restaurants may serve pets, but in a different way…meow!

  • vfd

    jesus h christ. last thing this neighborhood needs.

  • bklynchick

    I know this isn’t popular opinion, but I’m glad this pet store is opening up. At least now I have a better option than having to deal with the pervy guy on Montague who only takes cash.

    (before you all jump on me asking why I don’t go to any of the other pet stores in the nabe…the one on Hicks st. is great but too far for an emergency dog food run, the one on pineapple walk is quite possibly the worst pet store ever -terrible inventory, bad smell, mean people working there- and the one further down on Hicks st. is not only too far but way too fancy for me.)

  • ratNYC

    The guy on Montague St has no prices on any of the items he sells, so its not hard to get the impression he charges you whatever he likes. I’ve bought from him twice and that was it, so I’m with you, bklynchick.

  • vfd

    you know that bad smell at the pet store?


  • ABC

    The “pervy guy” on montague is the best! And he has prices on his stuff. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Free treats to the dogs and he delivers.

    He was honored by the BHA this year. Hurray!

  • nabeguy

    I never had a problem with Sammy on Montague Street, although my wife was a bit creeped out by him (a “little too friendly” in her words), so bklynchick may have a point. His pricing was a bit erratic, but usually in my favor, so I didn’t complain when I shopped there.

  • Monty

    Can I ask the dog and cat people here how often do you actually need to go the pet supply shop? I assume you buy pet food at the supermarket. Do you need new chew toys once a week? How do the number of pet shops we have now stay in business?

  • ABC

    Sammy’s sense of humor is a bit on the “tell me when your husband leaves town and I’ll deliver this to you personally” side.

    Of course, once you realize he says this kind of thing to his 80 year old customers too, you may wake up and realize it’s not because you’re all that.

    His kids are great too.

  • ratNYC

    Its fair to say I don’t dislike the guy. I actually think he’s a friendly and familiar character of Montague street. He may have prices on his stuff now, but he didn’t in the past, and that is why I stopped buying from him – I’m glad he’s changing for the better, and I may not be his patron anymore but I don’t wish him bad.

  • Troubled Reader

    Okay, two on Hicks Street, one on Pineapple Walk, one on Montague Street, and now one on Clark Street. Have I overlooked any others? It is hard to believe that there is such a demand for pet supplies in our tiny neighborhood, that would warrant so many pet stores. I think it would be very nice if a good sea food store opened up in the Heights, something like Fish Tales that they have in Cobble Hill

  • Hank75

    Amen to that Troubled Reader

  • nabeguy

    Good idea Troubled Reader…a sea food store would do great, especiallly if it ran weekly specials on tuna cat food!
    ABC,LOL, you’ve got Sammy totally nailed.

  • Teddy

    We need a good supermarket, something better than Key Food.

  • Cranky

    Sammy is great. Been going there forever. He’s not a perv, he just likes to flirt.

  • JAM

    Homer – you are officially becoming the Jerry Springer of Brooklyn Heights – how you can condone the maligning of perfectly nice people on this blog is beyond me and I have to really wonder about your intentions. If anyone is pervy and creepy, it has to be you.

  • my2cents

    How disappointing. The two closest stores to my house are already pet accessory shops (run by nice people, btw). And now this! What about a decent bar? Or a cool shop selling -gasp- useful, cool items??
    I often ponder why Brooklyn Heights can’t be more commercially and gastronomically hip, cool and above all CREATIVE, and the answer is clearly that people are old here, and their taste has atrophied to the point where their purpose in life is finding witty chew toys for Rover. I thought the new Tazza might be a harbinger of good change, but I guess I’ll still need to go to Carrol Gardens to eat, shop, and drink. Still love living here though.

  • Seriously

    my2cents, I TOTALLY agree! BH seems to have become a true suburb where residents are offended by a BEAUTY SUPPLY store (Ricky’s, of course). Why not move to Connecticut? I understand catering to the long-time residents, as well as the courthouse crowd, but come on – another pet store, the Spicy Pickle, and chain stores galore? Why do I feel like a decent bar, cool store, or “hip” restaurant would immediately cause outrage for bringing all those “damn kids” into the neighborhood?

  • Jo Ann

    I wonder why my post about Homer being the pervy creep for allowing comments like the above maligning our neighbors to continue got deleted? As I said in that deleted post – this site is becoming the Jerry Springer show of Brooklyn Heights.

  • JGM

    I also love the neighborhood; moved here in Oct from UWS. I also have not completely figured out why 98% of the shops and restaurants completely suck in Brooklyn Heights. It seems we have an overstock of places that may only need to be served by one place (pet stores, eyeglasses, etc.) and zero bars, good restaurants, bakeries, fish stores, etc. There are some good places…Noodle Pudding and Floyd come to mind, but those have been there for a long time…where are the new places? It seems that Dumbo, Cobble Hill, Park Slope, etc. have new exciting places constantly opening. I don’t get it…. In the meantime, I am happy to walk to CH or Dumbo to spend money instead.

  • Homer Fink

    Joann, JAM: Jerry Springer is a great American.

  • epc

    You get the stores you get because the rents are high, the population is picky about what and where it will eat, and not many people like losing money just to provide a cool place for the YPOT to hang all day and night.

    Tinto/Isobel was a great place (occupied the three storefronts now known as Busy Chef/Blue Pig/Oven), was frequently full but not overcrowded, and barely broke even in its good years.

  • Cranky

    Homer – lol.


  • my2cents

    I agree that high rents are a principle reason for some of these issues. Especially on Montague street. The problem is that the Heights isn’t just for Heights residents. It is adjacent to the courts and the downtown of the “city” of Brooklyn. This is the only possible explanation for all the cel phone shops, honestly. I have nothing against chains, per se. I am fine with hagen dazs and DWR, even starbucks being there (and 5 guys is a godsend!). But cel phone stores are such a waste of valuable commercial real estate and suck any character or value from the
    street life. One smart thing i totally agree with was that they subdivided “Chez Henry” into a bunch of smaller spaces that would have lower rents. Then again, there are 2 empty storefronts in that row. I wish someone would open a hipster bar there :-) i’d go!

  • Monty

    I don’t think this nabe is the kind of place you would expect “cool” places to open, but I would expect “nice” places. Restaurants and shops that are casual and family-friendly would do better than hipster hangouts. Tazza is more our speed than say, Bar Tabac. And while some of the businesses here are clearly geared towards workers from MetroTech, that still doesn’t explain why we need 4 pet supply stores. It boogles the mind.