Trigger-happy Teens on Heights Rampage

Two teenagers were arrested tonight at Joralemon St. & Clinton St. after going on a rampage with compressed air pistols, fitted with laser sights.

According to cops, the duo started out targeting birds in Cadman Plaza Park, later moving west into the Heights, hitting streetlights and windows on Willow St., State St., and Henry St., before finally being picked up on Joralemon St.

One officer commented that the realistic appearance of the guns, particularly in the dark of night, could have potentially brought about a less peaceful resolution to the situation.

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  • nigel

    I saw those kids on Hicks (between Cranberry and Orange) tonight. They were aiming what I thought was a laser-pointer at me, and I followed them just to be a scary adult type — they ran towards Henry St., laughing. I didn’t realize they had a gun pointed at me, pellet or otherwise. To paraphrase “A Christmas Story”: They’ll shoot your eye out…

  • Peter

    I glad they were caught. I wish someone would have kick their before.

  • vfd

    too bad the little shits didn’t get shot.

  • AB

    “It’s summer and really HOT and everything and we’re just so BORED.

    “And directionless.

    “And without adult supervision.

    “And angry.

    “So–you know what? Let’s get some compressed air pistols with laser sights and kill birds. Or destroy property. Or, well, ANYTHING….”


  • nabeguy

    How very very stupid of these kids. Good thing they didn’t venture down Poplar St…I know of a couple of people that would have shot THEIR streetlights out it they had seen them doing this sort of foolishness.

  • T.K. Small

    A couple of weeks ago I was upstate and in the sporting goods section of a Wal-Mart. We came across just the same air-pistols that these kids were perhaps using. At least the models that I saw looked almost exactly like a regular handgun. They were incredibly lucky that the police officers did not use deadly force. I’m not certain that the same result would be the case in many other neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I assume that by being teenagers that they’re under 18 and cannot buy these “weapons” on their own.
    So did some anti-Iraq war liberal parent buy these for them?

  • bornhere

    This story is near and dear to my heart — and to my double-insulated window. One of the kids is 14, and the other kid is 16. I know nothing about handguns, but the two these kids had were black, looked like what you’d imagine a handgun looks like, and had no “tell-tale” orange frontpiece, Milton Bradley logo, etc.

  • dicHydayBat

    неплохая мысль +1