Does the November Election Matter?

We’ll readily admit that the NYS SD-25 is, to say the least, a Democratic “stronghold”.  In 2006, incumbent Sen. Martin Connor didn’t have a Republican opponent and Ken Diamonstone’s post-primary Working Families Party campaign was cursory at best.  In 2004, Connor ran in the November election against… NOBODY.  In 2002, he faced GOP contender Hyman Silverglad (a Manhattan lawyer who once represented a client who believed he was being attacked by Gamma Rays) and Liberal candidate Andres Tirado.  Two years earlier, Marty faced video editor/Green Party candidate Craig A. Seeman and Conservative candidate James M. Gay.  The list goes on and on through the years.

Two candidates are vying to fill Connor’s shoes – one is the district’s first GOP contender in 6 years, John Chromczak, and the other is 28 year old upstart, Democrat Daniel Squadron.  This year, as in the past, most observers are saying that this week’s Democratic primary WAS the general election for this seat.  Essentially, it’s over before it’s over. But is this the vetting process – and the government – we deserve?

Citizen’s Union, the sponsors of primary debates between Connor and Squadron, will not be hosting Fall debates between Chromczak and Squadron.  It’s likely that they and others feel that this contest is not competitive.  Realistically, they’re probably right given past performance.

However, this year is different.  We’re presented with two candidates who have never held public office.  While Squadron’s brief record of public service is admirable, he shouldn’t be given a free pass to Albany.

Chromczak is not a career politician and, like Squadron, he needs to prove to voters that he’s qualified to be our State Senator. Given his background as a Healthcare professional, union member and active Log Cabin Republican he fits the description of the type of ordinary citizen our founders had in mind when they envisioned a government of, by and for the people.

This is an election, not a coronation.  Squadron must acknowledge his opponent and treat this contest with the same reverence and vigor as he did the battle against Connor.  If he does not,  the arrogance of power that has tainted the public’s confidence in government will have been passed onto another generation seamlessly.

BHB has reached out to both campaigns regarding a debate on The Homer Fink Show or another platform.

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  • hoppy

    Marty was previously challenged by Hyman, Seeman and Gay. I wonder how ‘Beavis and Butthead’ would have voted!

  • Stan

    Now that’s hilarious!

  • here since 89

    Are you trying to tell me that the elections in Cuba and North Korea and other one-party states don’t matter? How cynical!
    Typical of blogs!

  • nancy

    Nobody should think they have a free ride to public office

  • cfb

    If John Chromzak wanted to be taken seriously as a candidate, why wasn’t he out in the District -before- now? The fact that he didn’t have a Primary opponent doesn’t mean he couldn’t have used the last six months to meet with voters and outline his issues and proposals.

  • jazz

    cfb, it’s chicken and egg and Homer is proposing a mother and child reunion (ask paul simon). if chromczak and the republicants thought they had a prayer they’d campaign, the democrats treat the process like a coronation so the republicants can’t attract money or viable candidates. Bravo Fink for drawing a line in the sand!

  • East Village Podcasts Blog

    I listened to your Chromczak interview. How could you say Utica was a working class town? I’ve been Utica and Utica isn’t just your run-of-the-mill upstate town. It’s much more. Much more. Much.

  • DAB

    I voted against Squadron in the primary, but there’s no way in hell any self-respecting New Yorker should ever vote for a Republican. He’s entitled to get his message out there, but really he’s wasting his own time in support of a cause not worth supporting — Republican control of the state senate.

    You can’t entirely separate process from substance. If the Republican party weren’t so intellectually bankrupt, there’d be a competitive race, but Chromzack is not just a motivated do-gooder citizen, he’s one who embraces a party that advances disgraceful ideas (at least as far as most residents of the 25th are concerned). As a result, he’s not really putting in a serious effort to *represent* the people, which is why there’s not going to be a lot of attention to this race, nor should their be. Taking him seriously as a candidate necessarily presumes a discourse far more conservative than the median reader.

    The republicans should take solace that the neoliberal won the democratic primary and leave it at that.

  • Paul Snatchko

    I think John Chromczak is an excellent candidate with a strong message and would make a very good addition to the NY Senate. Voters in this district should give him a good look.