Falling Waters, Rising Lights

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

Photo by M. Hermann/BHB

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  • AEB

    Very nice shot.

    I’d forgotten how moving the “up lights” were until suddenly they returned a few days ago.

    I’d make them a permanent presence.

  • esplanader

    This is just a lovely image. I assume it was taken from Governor’s Island.
    I do not think that the lights should be a permanent presence.
    Having them re-appear each year for just a few days around September 11 makes them much more special and poignant.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    The shot was taken from the Promenade, as is shown by the subway ventilating tower in the foreground, the piers below, and the position of the ferry terminals. The lights are further south than where the towers were located, and are closer together, so give the appearance that lights occupying the actual positions of the towers would have from Governor’s Island.

  • roccos

    seriously cool photo

  • http://elonanit.blogspot.com Tina

    Wow – great photo. The lights are very powerful.

  • weegee

    Thanks, gang.

    Yes, as Claude pointed out, it’s a Promenade shot…none of my Park Service friends is at Governors Island anymore to give me nighttime access.