New Neighbor: Spicy Pickle Opening Friday

This just in to the BHB “newsroom” – Spicy Pickle will be opening its 143 Montague Street location (aka Armando’s) this Friday (8/15).

The food chain replaces Armando’s which was a Montague Street fixture for decades and known for its neon “lobster” sign.  Despite BHB’s attempts to Landmark the Lobster, the sign was taken down in May.

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  • E G

    Please a chain originating in Colorado serving Italian style food? I’d welcome them the same as Pizza Hut and their Brooklyn Style pizza… Ah but with all of the suburbanites and wanna be suburbanites in the neighborhood and the city in general, I think this place and its mall food will be a big hit!

  • Kramer

    Did someone’s proctologist not do a thorough exam today?

  • ABC

    sign in the window says it will be open thursday — maybe they’ve pushed it back.

    all I know is the posted menu says they make breakfast sandwiches and since both Grand Canyon and the bagel place mess my order up EVERY TIME I may see if they can fry an egg and put it on a roll.

  • R

    Lassen & Hennigs makes a very good and quick egg on a roll, if I recall correctly (haven’t had one myself in a while).

    And yeah, blah blah chain food is evil. But it would be nice to have a place to get a quick sandwich and sit down to eat it at lunch. The more formal restaurants don’t always operate at the speed at which we’d like, burgers (Five Guys) aren’t always what you want, and Subway is…well, Subway.

  • E G

    Chains are not necessarily evil in my opinion. (I still sorely miss Cosi on Montague) though they are boring as they are inevitable! To the commenter who suggested an issue w/t the proctologist- does one need to express their own views in the happiest of terms with a smile on their face in order to avoid your idiotic personal assaults?

  • ABC

    also, most of the places around here are impossible to get into with a stroller. and since half the daytime locals are pushing strollers, it’s nice to have someplace to roll in and roll out (and get food quickly — another plus with this population).

  • JGM

    Although very good, the bagel place does screw up all the time. Was there very early one Sunday, 4 people in the place, 2 people working…messed up my 2 bagel order. Also when busy, love how the register girl has to reopen each bagel in the wrapper to see what it is… Food and SERVICE both count and obviously gives Spicy Pickle an opening

  • JGM

    Kim Paris Vietnamese Fish Taco Restaurant?

  • Hannah

    My biggest issue w the Spicy Pickle is that most of their sandwiches are not healthy at all. If you go to their website and take a look at the nutritional content, it doesn’t look good! I’m all for a new sandwich place, but I wish it were a bit better for me to eat there.

  • marla

    Has anyone eaten there yet? I did Friday night and was NOT impressed at all – You can get much better sandwiches & salads at lessen and hastings, Monty’s, and even subway for that matter. I wouldn’t recommend it.