Farewell Lobster, Let’s Hope You Find a Good Home

Eater reports that the Armando’s Restaurant lobster sign, part of the Montague Street landscape for decades, is being taken down this afternoon.  The restaurant closed earlier this year and we at BHB tried valiantly to “Save the Lobster”.

Spicy Pickle will open in the Armando’s space soon.

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  • ABC

    was taken down early this afternoon and Spicy Pickle is up. Bring it on!

    I like this blog, but sometimes I get the feeling you guys live in Des Moines and just link to other sites when a tickler tells you a BH story is floating around.

  • Homer Fink

    It’s called a “day job”, ABC. Feel free to contribute to
    BHB we welcome contributions.

  • http://franceskuffel.net frances

    What confuses me is why a pizza-ish place calls itself the Spicy Pickle. The name makes me thing corned beef.

    Armandos was good old fashioned Italian macaroni-style food. They made a good steak.

  • CJP

    Yeah. I’m missing Armando’s even though I only ate there 3 or 4 times a year. But I can’t choked up by the removal of the sign. It it is what it is. A sign.

    And any speculation as to what might come in to where Bank of New York used to be? Another bank? How come that entire block is banks, with a few exceptions?

  • Monty

    Frances, I think Spicy Pickle is primarily Italian sandwiches, paninis, etc. Pizza is definitely on the menu though. Besides, I don’t think a misleading name has hurt business at Noodle Pudding :)

  • BH Man

    Thank God Armandos is gone. Crappy food and poor service. Looking forward to Spicy Pickle and hope the food is good as well as the service.

    Glad to see that all signs of Armando’s is finally gone, they brought it on themselves.

  • CJP

    And if we’re basing ANYTHING on signage I say “Welcome to the Neighborhood!” As I mentioned I liked Armando’s. The sign that the Spicy Pickle put up is actually quite pleasant; consistent with what was there before, minus of course the lobster.

    Again if the signage speaks anything about the restaurant’s desire to fit in with the neighborhood they’ve certainly done it.
    That’s not to say I won’t hate the chain once they open but I’ve got an open mind and so far they seem to be responsible, financially-viable tenants. Welcome to Montague!