MAS, BHA Fight for LPC Funding

The Municipal Arts Society and its supporters, which includes the Brooklyn Heights Association, gathered at City Hall today to protest the City Council’s plan to cut 5 staff positions, amounting to $300K annually, from the Landmark Preservaton Commission:

New York Observer: “During the last two years, increased funding has enabled the LPC to hire more employees, and as a result, the commission designated 26 landmarks and four historic districts,” said Lisa Kersavage, director of advocacy for the Municipal Art Society, in a statement.

The MAS’s multimedia presentation on the issue after the jump.

Preserve Your City: Support Funding the LPC from MAS on Vimeo.

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  • Claude Scales

    calvert, can you be more specific? What have MAS and BHA done or advocated that you find objectionable?

  • Andrew Porter

    Calvert, your failure to blame rent control for the funding problems of the LPC shocks and amazes me. I thought you were far more consistent than that.