Flickr photo by melon bee

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  • CJP

    Yeah. Great picture. Remsen Street, right? I lived in two separate locations on Remsen and hope that one day I can return!

  • GHB

    Looks more like Cranberry. Or is it Orange?

  • fotog

    not Remsen, CJP. Cars don’t/can’t park all along the side of Remsen the way they are on the left side of this pic

  • ratNYC

    I have no doubt it is Remsen Street. I live at the end of the street and last Friday I saw the same view as in the picture when I was walking back home and remember thinking how beautiful it was.

  • bornhere

    I don’t think it can be Remsen. The stop sign is on a street clearly marked one way going south — Hicks Street goes north at Remsen.

  • hoppy

    Absolutely positively Cranberry.

  • melonbee

    It was cranberry! Every time I walk home around sunset, I wish I had the camera, and I finally did. :)