New Neighbor: Spicy Pickle

pickle.JPGThanks to BHB community member "bhbabe" and her mad Googling skillz we've learned that Denver based panini and sandwich chain Spicy Pickle will take over Armando's Restaurant on Montague Street.  No word on opening date. Armando's shuts down the Lobster forever on March 16. But forget "saving the lobster" maybe we'll get an AWESOMELY HUGE PICKLE SIGN on our beloved main strip. Or better yet, some fellas (and gals!) might be excited to meet their almost famous "Spicy Pickle Girls".  Video after the jump.


Spicy Pickle website: DENVER, CO–(Marketwire – February 20, 2008) – Spicy Pickle™ fast casual restaurants (OTCBB: SPKL) today announced five of its franchisees have recently signed leases for new locations.

Today's announcement marks Spicy Pickle's™ first locations in Florida, Oklahoma, and New York. The other two lease signings represent a second location in San Diego, California and a third location in Austin, Texas.

Spicy Pickle™ will enter the New York metro area with a Brooklyn store. Located at 143 Montague St., Brooklyn, NY 11201, this location is adjacent to the Federal Court House in Brooklyn, several Universities, and a number of large, white-collar office buildings.

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  • Teddy

    Wow, I can’t wait until they open…not.

  • Sal

    welcome to Podunk Ind. (formerly Brooklyn Heights N.Y.)

  • GHB

    Why can’t a good restaurant open? Don’t we have enough “sandwich shops”?

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    By all accounts this chain is very good. Just like Chipotle! in the meantime you geniuses can enjoy the fine dining at Busy Chef, Amin and Monty Qs.

  • cranberry

    pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. Why don’t they just enclose Montague street with a nice glass roof, cap the ends with a JCPenney on one and a Sears on the other, and throw in a Cinnabon for good measure?

  • Qfwfq

    So, essentially Spicy Pickle is a Cosi’s clone. Fantastic.

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    but a cosi the waitresses won’t take your pickle whole

  • ABC

    Would I rather have old mother hubbard behind a soda shoppe counter? Sure.

    Given the reality of rents in the area is that gonna happen? No.

    This place is FINE. And SO much better than a shoe store or cell phone outlet.

    I welcome you, Spicy Pickle!

  • jese

    God bless you, Jonas Von Groucheau. Busy Chef is the bane of my existence. Nobody who eats there can complain about Spicy Pickle.

    Still, wouldn’t it have been nice to get a new bank branch?

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    Yes a new bank branch would have been wonderful. I often spend lazy afternoons making change and marking my interest.

  • anon

    Let the boycott begin…we will drive them out of business and then wait for our long awaited wine bar-cool tapas restaurant to take its place!!!

  • ABC

    Another idea: Why not stop complaining and start frequenting the wine bar we have — and is about to go out of business. It’s across the street from the tapas place that closed five years ago when nobody went there.

  • cranberry

    nah…i’d rather wait for the wine bar to “go out of business” and then see what the owners drum up next. It’s starting to be like a fun new game. I absolutely cannot wait until whoever is really behind those places stops filtering money into them and we get a completely different owner to put something new in. Here’s something I don’t understand about real estate, and maybe someone can enlighten me…why are the landlords asking these supposedly crazy rents on the store fronts when they just sit empty for over a year? Why not charge less rent and get a tenant in there right away that will be able to afford to stay. For example the old pig’n’out/candy store or whatever that was has been vacant forever. Aren’t they losing money by not being able to rent these spaces or having a high turnover?

  • jese

    yeah, isn’t the “wine bar” just another Busy Chef front? If it’s going out of business, it’s because it’s terrible (that’s what I’ve heard from three people who’ve eaten there).

    Want a wine bar, go to the one on the other side of Atlantic.

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    jese, wine bar seems to be doing fine.

  • Beavis

    I have a Spicy Pickle right here.

  • anon




  • hoppy

    Guaranteed you wont find this lady there….

  • Peter

    I was waiting for Sonic.

  • MaiaW

    That video makes the company sound so grand, using “better ingredients” and all (obviously it’s a promotional thing, but still), so I checked out some of the nutrition info. Fun fact: most of their sandwiches have more calories and sodium than a Big Mac. It’s just another fast food place!

  • Jay

    I was really looking forward to another real estate office……

  • anon

    How is it that cool new restaurants are springing up all over Cobble Hill and even Dumbo has recently got its act together with Henche en Dumbo, etc….yet Montague/BH remains simply a mall full of crap food…one answer – residents do not generate as much business as the lunch crowd from the court houses, etc. …so that is why a Spicy Pickle drops in from out of the blue. BH residents are not the target mkt.

  • CJP

    Anon… that seems to be a major part of Spicy Pickle’s strategy for Brooklyn Heights. Check out the news release and it addresses the point you’re making: “this location is adjacent to the Federal Court House in Brooklyn, several Universities, and a number of large, white-collar office buildings.”

    Not a mention of a vibrant residential community…

  • Billy Reno

    I guess I’ll try the Spicy Pickle, but I’m REALLY waiting for a Hooters to open up around here.

  • statestreeter

    I think it’s pretty obvious from years of data that unless the montague street shops become owned by (a) BH residents who (b) want to give below-market rents to favored tenants (a la Walentas in DUMBO), the courthouse crowd and the shops that cater to them will win out.

  • nabeguy

    The courts, and their lunctime customers, have been around forever, but the mall-ing of Montague Street is relatively recent in the last 10 or 15 years. Hmmm, must mean that crime is way up (including amongst the landlords)!
    Cranberry, empty stores are considered a loss of income and therefore a tax deduction. As a landlord, I’d have to say I’d prefer the income, but if you can hold out for an outrageous price, you wind up winning at both ends.

  • Mark

    I have been to a Spicy Pickle while in Colorado. All I can say is that you all are in for a real treat.

  • No One of Consequence

    I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or serious.

  • Mark

    I was being serious. Their paninis are some of the best I have ever had.