Press Cover Up of Packer “Plot”?

Just asking: Why did both the Brooklyn Eagle and the Brooklyn Paper choose not to name Packer Institute in their reports on a student’s threats against staff and students at the school on February 22?  Commenters on BHB soon revealed that Packer was the “Brooklyn private school” mentioned in the Eagle’s February 26 story.  One Packer student wrote about the incident for New York Magazine on Monday, a full four days before the Brooklyn Paper’s report went to press (which while not naming Packer said the school was on Joralemon Street near Clinton).   Why the suppression of the school’s name?

What do you think?

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  • Beavis

    My take is that the papers wanted to give BHB yet another reason to bark about its “superiority” to all those dead tree editions.

  • anon

    Because the kid’s dad is a big trustee of the school. duh.

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    This has to be a huge cover up, no one is commenting.

  • No One of Consequence

    I’m certain that Fink is being paid to remove any revealing comments.