Packer Student Speaks Out About Facebook Scare

As previously reported, a local private school was shut down last week after a student made threats about shooting it up on Facebook. While the original report in the Brooklyn Eagle failed to name the institution, BHB commenters were quick to point out that the school in question was Packer. Today New York Magazine has a first hand account from student Katherine Finnerty:

New York Magazine: Facebook Message: Friday, February 22, started normally at the Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn Heights, where I’m a senior. But by third period, word spread: A student had received an anonymous Facebook message threatening to shoot up the school. Was it a hoax? Should we be scared? Why wasn’t the school telling us anything? I soon learned an e-mail had been sent to teachers and parents, confirming the rumor, saying the police had been notified, and assuring them everything was under control. [Full story]

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