Not Again! Hate Scrawls Back

While confessed swastika scrawler/arsenal builder Ivanyl Ivanov is on ice at Rikers Island, cops were busying looking into another incident of hate graffiti in Brooklyn Heights.  According to reports a swastika was found in the the alleyway of 22 Remsen Street.  The owner of the brownstone, attorney Martha Spector, tells the NY Sun "There's a little alcove there. I think it was just an opportunity…I think it's just a stupid prank." She adds that she painted over the swastika once police had finished their investigation.

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  • anon

    This is a bigger problem then we are admitting. There was also another swastika this morning. Is this copycat? Or do we have some hate group living in the Heights?

  • Concerned Citizen

    I hope this incident was reported to the police by the victim, or in the absence of a victim (homeowner, building owner) the person that came across the swastika.
    The 84th precinct is very interested in hearing about all hate crime incidents and just as interested in solving these type of crimes.
    Please do not hesitate to contact the 84th to report any and all crime as that is the only way they will know they have to dedicate more officers to the area, which they are willing to do. As evidenced by the on-going police presence in the north Heights as a result of the recent robberies?

    11:45 – what is the location of this latest swastika and when do you think it was put up?

  • anon


    It was on Pineapple Street, and it was up early this morning. (6am). It has since been removed.

    Does anyone share with me that there is a hate group in the Heights?

  • HDEB

    Those “few right angles” are the chosen symbol of Nazi’s who murdered of millions of people.

  • lifer

    I wouldnt say there’s a hate group, but there is alot of hate in the heights, on this board alone, people expressed that they wished “people not from the neighborhood” would trick or treat in their own hoods (those comments had a tinge of obvious racism). The crap about the movie theater on Court being “ghetto”, and the lack of concern about the first set of swatstikas. I dont imagine its organized hate, but its hate just the same.

  • nicky215


  • cranberry

    nicky215: did you just learn that word? I don’t know why you need to keep repeating it on various posts…like you’re telling us something we don’t already know. I’m fairly certain everyone is familiar with the term. Thanks.

  • anon

    looks like someone else NEEDS A HUG!

  • since47

    To ‘Stanley Stool': Perhaps you should change your ‘mind set’ – and your name…

  • Bart

    My only concern about this is if it will adversely affect our property values. Which it will probably not. Let’s just hope it’s some stupid teenage boy looking for some attention.

  • Sharday

    @bart: troll much?