The Lobster Dies on March 16

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that Armando's Restaurant owner Peter Byros will shut off the historic "Lobster Sign" at 143 Montague Street forever on March 16.  Byros owns the building and says he will lease the Armando's space to an "upscale" restaurant. The Montague Video Store will remain on the second floor.

The "Save the Lobster" campaign is in full swing here at BHB.  NYS Senate hopeful Daniel Squadron has urged any new establishment to do their best to save the sign and many BHB readers agree.  BHB's requests for comment from the Brooklyn Heights Association and State Senator Martin Connor have not (as of yet) been answered. 

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  • ABC

    omg. do people really care about this sign? you really think this should on the radar for our state senators? will you also have volunteers standing around to tell the tourists that there isn’t a lobster restaurant named “armando’s” here anymore — we just keep te sign to mess with their heads?

  • BHB

    If you really want to keep the sign. Contact the owner and see if you can buy it and move it to your place. There are other things that we should be more concerned about such as crime in the heights, parking, education, etc.

  • Rock Lobster

    BHB you should go to Russia.