The “Kid” Says Save The Lobster


The Lobster should be saved says NY State Senate 25th District Democratic challenger Daniel "The Kid" Squadron.  He tells BHB exclusively that the sign for Armando's Restaurant, a fixture on the block since 1936, should be saved.

Squadron tells BHB exclusively via Facebook, "I urge the next tenant or a neighboring establishment to save the lobster. And if the next tenant doesn't add to the character of the Heights, we'll all be very crabby."

Squadron, who is gearing up for his bid to  unseat Marty Connor for the Democratic nomination for NY State Senate in September, is the first public figure to come out in favor of finding a way to "Save the Lobster".

Flickr photo by All About Eve

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  • Since47

    Unless Landmarked, I would think the lobster is safe until the building
    is sold. Now we’re not talking about just the lobster, but the entire
    Armando’s sign – correct?

  • theft

    I do not know where else to post this or how to post this, the links to “contact bhb” are not working. In the last 6 months, my 2 seperate debit cards and a different credit card number have all been copied and used in Florida. Apparently, someone can double swipe the cards and make new cards to use somewhere else. The identity theft people suggest since three different card numbers have been stolen it is probably a store you use your card at often. I live in the heights for the last 4 years. Anyone else have this problem in the heights? Thank you.

  • anon

    The landmarks commission cannot obligate a new merchant who is sellilng say, ladies’ shoes, or vegetarian soup, or false limbs, to keep a sign from a defunct business, with an idiotic lobster on it. Honestly, don’t people have better things to worry about? Stores come and go, signs come and go, try to get over the trauma from your early potty training. Be sensible. As for credit card fraud, no, I have never had my credit card number stolen and I use my credit cards all over the Heights. I have never been to Magnetic Field though…..Ummm

  • Claude Scales

    Theft: There have been a number of other comments on this blog concerning identity theft of just the nature described, down to the fraudulent charges having been made in Florida. Unfortunately, I can’t find them because we don’t have a functioning search engine (HOMER???!!!).

    Anon: Take advantage of your declining opportunities to come to Magnetic Field. I’m sure there will be a great send-off party.

  • anon

    I wish I knew whether this credit card/Florida story is true or just internet baloney, There is an exact same credit card scare in the Park Slope blog and others. I have never heard anyone in person tell me this and I know a lot of people so I think it is a crock. But just in case, bring cash to restaurants, those are the places where your credit card disappears for a few minutes. swiping it yoursefl on the the cashier thingie in a supermarket or other store does not worry me.

  • bornhere

    Anon, Theft — My debit card number has been glommed twice in the past 4 years. I always thought it was because of Internet purchases; now I’m not so sure. In November, my sister’s card number was used by someone the day after she made some purchases at a nabe liquor store. The unauthorized purchases were made in Florida, primarily at gas stations. She was called by the issuing company to ‘splain, and the card was canceled without much fuss. I know of others in the Heights who have had similar experiences. I can’t recall if I read it here or somewhere else, but there is a warning to never let a merchant swipe your card twice “because the first one didn’t go through.” The recommendation is to offer the swiper a different card. I think the thread for the general discussion of this goes back to December or January. Happy hunting.

  • theft

    Thank you for responding. My Florida charges on all three debit / credit cards started at gas stations in Pembrook Pines Florida. Then there was purchases at Best Buy for alot of money. I met another person last night that lives in the heights that had there card number taken and the actual card used in Texas while he still had the card in his possession. My 3rd card number was stolen 3 weeks ago. But, my credit card number was taken in Dec., same time his was. We are going to compare statements to see what places we went to in the heights. Maybe a place that takes your card away from you so you can’t see the double swipe. Hopefully, that will limit it. Thank you again for your comments.

  • Homer Fink

    Let’s keep on topic here. Use open thread wednesday for off topic convos.

  • anon

    The lobster:
    It is not even the original sign. It is a replica that was put up about six years ago. Does anyone else remember that?
    If we can take the “RCA” off of 30 Rock and replace it with “GE” or put up “MetLife” where we all know “PamAm” should go, I think we can live without the Armando’s sign. Unless the new reataurant is also “Armando’s” or maybe they can just transpose the letters and become “Odama’s No” or something.

  • theft

    Homer… as a second time visiter to this site, none of the contact or search functions are working and there is no mention of off topic convos on wed. So I am sorry if this upsets you, but I think fraud in our neighborhood is a big deal. I hope the rest of the neighborhood agrees. This should be the top story not the Armandos sign which I think is important landmark just not number one story.

  • Homer Fink

    Theft – I’ve sent you an email addressing your concerns.

  • bornhere

    Anon- Was the original sign the same? I mean, I remember Semple’s on Fulton Street (aka Cadman Plaza Something, which goes back a gazillion years), and I can’t recall anything other than what’s there. And, as far as saving the sign: c’mon, antikeepers — it’s neon, it doesn’t say anything about mattresses or real estate, it includes the word “bar,” it has snappy Crayola colors everyone understands, it’s been there since the parents of some of us moved here and since the children of some of us were born, and it’s a pretty stable beacon. Let it be.

  • Joe

    Hmmm…how about saving thirty years seniority in the state senate? Marty Connor’s experience, empathy and clout do more for the Heights than a sign encompassing a mollusk. Then again, I guess it’s a matter of priorities.

  • Jonas Von Groucheau

    Joe, it’s time for the hippies and the greatest generation to stand down and enjoy their retirement. They’ve done enough damage to our planet, our world and our culture.